Sunday, July 3, 2011

Greater Is The One In {Me}

..."because the one who  is in you is greater than the one who is in the world." 1 John 4:4

This Sunday we went to church for the first time in too long. We went 2 Sundays ago, but that was too long waited for as well. With the girls getting sick, we weren't able to go last Sunday...but I'm not making excuses. Anyhoo...

When I finally sat down in the pew, I let out a sigh of relief all before the service began. Any mom knows exactly what sort of sigh I'm talking about. The I can't believe we actually made it in time and with some time to spare with everyone put together looking half way decent and every tooth brushed (including my husband's) and every belly full (eh...except mine). Yeah...that one. It's a challenge getting everyone dressed and ready to scoot out that door. Because frankly, it's super easy to end up like this:

Oh but the reward. That gift that awaits us is so worth it.

I love going to church. All of those things I struggle with during the weekdays are nothing when Sundays roll around. My anxiety, my ocd's, my forgetfulness, any stressors...all out the door. It's as if God is pressing the reset button and giving me a fresh start for the week ahead.

I remember when I was younger I used to count the minutes. Back then, five minutes seemed like an eternity. I never followed the message because it was low key and blah. And I was always wondering if I would ever get to a point where I would appreciate a sermon like all of the other grown-ups in the congregation. Hmm...grown-ups. *chuckle*

Now-a-days, that hour isn't enough. I get so excited wondering about what Pastor Erik is going to talk about. What message is God going to send my way. Usually, just as most people say, it's one that seriously pertains to what ever struggle I'm facing whether it be finances, marriage, family...whatever. God's great like that!

This week it was dependence.

First let me back up...Pastor Erik has been preaching on financial stability and appropriating your resources through God. In a nutshell...God has provided all of the resouces we need to be financially stable...are we following His financial plan?  My honest answer: no  But I know now that I should be and am on the right path.

Back to dependence....
The message this week was direct. It's punch was much needed and long overdue. I've been looking (even though I have known where I needed to look) in the wrong place for answeres and guidance on everything. EVERYTHING!
Was I successful? Nope
Was I moving forward? Nope
Did I need to stop looking? Not completely...just a slight alteration in my gaze and the answer would be evident. I've been trying so hard to be an example of a good Christian woman while only half-heartedly trusting His judegment. Example: Finances are pretty tight this week Lord, I'm not sure you can handle it. But I have faith you can handle the eternity part of your promise.

I know it's pretty pathetic. I realize that now and that unless and until I beleive that He is steadfast, I will continue to  struggle.

The world offers thousands of answers to a multitude of porblems...but the problem with those answers is that they are insubordiante, incorrect, and insuffeicent. They lead us in the wrong direction with the false promise of success only to leave us lying in a pit of failure.

God gives us the answer and an abundance of resources to face anything...we I just have to completey believe in Him.

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."
Phillippians 4:19

I know it's not popular, politically correct,  or even sociable, but God's way is the true way that will not let me falter or fail. My failures become common occurences because I lean towards the wordly philosophies (news, internet, falsicfications) and stumble.


..."because the one who is in {me} is greater than the one who is in the world." 1 John 4:4 and it's about time I start trusting that Word 24/7. Don't you think so?!?

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