Monday, July 25, 2011

South Bound...

Oh I know it's Monday. I should have a menu list for the week, activities planned for the girlie's, a workout routine ready to rock out, and the bill list ready to tackle....but I don't. Ya know why???

We'll be "south bound and down, loaded up and truckin'" soon. Yepper! It's true! It's finally getting closer to our long overdue vacay in Florida. It's been the topic of conversation in our house for quite some time now. The excitement has brewed and reach it's full flavor. We're ready!

The past week, we've been getting things ready to go. I've made several lists to follow, I've cleaned, laid clothes out, washed ALL the laundry with the help of Miss Hope, Mike's gotten The King ready to go, the dogs have been groomed, the girls have learned how to sign cow...I think we're truly ready!

The girls just happened to catch a minor cold a couple of days ago. Poor ladies...coughs and snot boogies. No fun! But no worries, plenty of oranges to go around. Gotta get the vitamin C!

Isn't that face just pitiful!?! Her cheeks are so puffy.

Oh I can't wait to get home! The last time we were home was for my Grandmother's 80th birthday surprise. It's time. I hope to return with a collection of funny stories to share with yall and pictures to boot!

I'm really excited to see this lady...

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My Nana, that is. Real fine woman if you ask me. She called me the other day from her trip to Michigan just to make sure she'd make it home in time to see us. According to my Bumpa, this is the first time she's excited to head back home. It'll be nice to wrap my arms around her neck.

So...I might be off and on this week. Here and there. To and fro. Around and about. But, it's all worth it because we're south bound...headed...home.

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  1. This is funny because...I'm from South Carolina (upstate) and my husband and 2 kids live here in FL! We plan on leaving for SC Thursday LOL Hope you all have a fun and safe trip :-)


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