Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Oh how I love easy weeks. Full of nothing but fun and layed back relaxation of some sorts. We went to the Farmer's Market here in Summerville to get some fresh produce...came home with enough fruits and veggies to feed an army and to make the best pudding fruit pie I've ever made.

And while the girls look moody and on edge, they were actually very silly and in good moods. Don't you like their new sandals?!?
While I didn't have an extensive
 collection of outfits this weekend thanks to the desire to live by the water in my bathing suit, I did snap a few of my Saturday get-up. It's not fancy or classy by no means, but this gives you an idea of how simplistic of a lady I am.

Shirt: Target
Capri's: Aeropostale
Shoes: Payless (a long time ago)
Headband: Gussy Sews
Earrings: vintage piece (even though you can't really see them)

While I feel as if I have zero sense of style, I dress for my comfort. If it looks cute along the way than hey! That's a huge plus. I've never been one to follow the crowd on what's in or what's out...geese! I have clothes that are 5+ years old..does that tell you the truth or what? *wink*
I've said it before, I"m not a big girly girl but I do enjoy acting like one and maybe that's where my lack of style went. I think I lost it way back in the mud during my toddler days.

Anyhoo...I love this party the Lindsay puts on every week because I  get to meet new friends that actually have style and are more than willing to help me gain a sense of the better. Now, if only they were on emergency stand by when I needed them quick. Is there a fashioln 911?!?

Happy Wednesday yall! Sweet luvins!


  1. Cute girls....all three of you!

  2. Your most adorable accessory is your smile! You are so cute! And I have lots of clothes from last century even... if a piece works, why get rid of it! :)


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