Thursday, August 25, 2011

Self Realizations

Something I need to admit.

Oh here goes nothing...I spend way too much time on the computer and on my phone.

Excuses I tell myself for why it's ok:

1. It's inspiring
2. It's relaxing to me
3. I need to connect with other people
4. It's my outlet
5. I'm learning about myself
6. A way to share with my family

Am I kidding myself? I think so.

Here's the truth about those excuses:
1. Yes, the computer can be an inspiring outlet. But it's leading me in directions that I have no business heading in. It's causing me to soak up way too much stuff and overloading my heart with envy and jealousy, desire for more, and that's just wrong.

2. Relaxing? I'm definitely not accomplishing this by sitting in a hard chair in front of a bright screen for 3 hours at  a time. My mind ends up going miles and miles an hour which makes it harder to relax later in the day. Way too much.

3. I am really only connecting with 2-3 people. My conversations are indirect and really do not satisfy the connection that I guess I'm really looking for. Example: Verbal.
 It's an excuse not to go out and meet people.

4. Even outlets deserve moderation.

5. My blog was starte4d without a clear purpose. I was mid-pregnancy and bored thanks to a bed rest order. A quick click and Hope Abound was born. It's time to truly dig deep and figure out what and who I'm writing for. What is my purpose as a blogger? I'm in the process of this excuse as we speak.

6. In the midst of Hope Abounds creation, I learned that my family really enjoys the peek at what we're doing oh-so-far-away.

In full attempt to get back to my life and the matter of it all. I am looking in a new direction and working towards reconnecting with my Lord, my family, and most of all, myself. How so?

Follow me:

I wake early with my hubs every morning. In the past, this time would dwindle away until a whimper made it's way down the hall. I am now taking advantage of this quiet time to offer my heart and soul to the Lord. What better way to being a day than with a fresh perspective and the Word? Is there another way? I read this post and loved the way she put it when it comes to bringing glory into everything you do.

My media time has been cut back tremendously! I now give myself 1 hour a day. That's it! One hour to check mail, Pinterest it up, catch up on blog reading, and write out posts.  That's plenty of time. The rest of the day is devoted to other things.

I made myself a weekly guide. Our printer is currently out of ink, so printing one pre-made was no an option. I like this though. Easy to edit. It's helped me to stay focused .

~Each day I have my chores and anything that needs to be done. With this guide, I've stayed on top of my house work. It's helped to keep me from trying to do it all in a days work.

~My meals aren't set in stone, but having them written out offers ideas instead of splurging.

~Activities is something new to us. The girls need direction and guidance during the day.

I love how none of this is written in stone. I'm praying this will keep me focused on my goal and off the computer.

Will you help hold me accountable?

Post Update: Dear friends, I've had several people email and ask if I was hinting that my blog would eventually end. Some have taken my "realizations" in a way that I did not enjoy the friends I've made through blogging. Some feel like the connection I have made with them is not appreciated because it's not "in person." This is not true. Far from it to be completely honest. I enjoy this hobby tremendously and look forward to the stories I read and projects I see. I've just realized that I have to get priorities in order. I am gracious for all of my readers and the sweet comments I get with each post that I write. You make my day and give me the oomph to keep writing and sharing are zaney-ness. So for this, I thank you.


  1. Thank you for writing this post. A timely one for me. I am just getting my blog started and find myself on the computer way more than ever. I am trying to find the right balance. I have been praying about wisdom in this area.

  2. This is great. I have a similar problem (spending too much time "social networking") and try a similar approach (meal planning, writing out tasks for each day, breaking down housecleaning into chunks - I could never get it all done in one day, ha ha!), but never thought about writing down some good activities for the kids - that's a fabulous idea! Good luck with this - I know it's so easy to get sucked into the computer and I also know how, although a time of it can be important, too much can often lead to the things you mentioned. I'll be praying for you!


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