Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Sponge Bombs

My girls love love LOVE begin outside. I think Miss Hope would be a fish if she could. She definitely loves saying the word...more like "ish!" *smile* While trying to find some toddler appropriate toys for them this summer, I was out of luck when it came to age. Majority of the toys were too big and too complex for their little brains....or...they were just super expensive for something that was going to be faded by the sun. Mmm..mmm..nope. Not doing that!

So, a trip to the dollar store landed me with a pack of colorful SPONGES!!!! I've seen them everywhere and haven't the slightest clue on why I didn't think of this before my "toy" search.

Sponge Bombs YEAh!!!!

Here's how you make them:

A pack of inexpensive yet colorful sponges cut into strips.

Grab some of your husband's fishing line or if you can't find that, grab some twine like I did *smile* Lay them out like below and then tie 'em up!

The strips will pull together and create a nice spongy flower.

Now take 'em and run!


  1. these are so fun! and thank you for your congratulations on our sweet babe!

  2. You amaze me! What a great idea!


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