Monday, September 26, 2011

Consolidated Happiness through God's Grace

There are days when it feels like I'm running a marathon. Piles of toys continually grow from JUST CLEANED areas. Supper time arrives without a plan in mind. Frustration builds and builds without allowing me to catch a well needed breather. And then there are times when it feels like it'sallmeltingtogether leaving me winded and run down with nothing left to offer.

Do you ever feel like that?

It happens. I know, it's part of life. Welcome to Motherhood they say. Even when I think I have it all planned out, I have to remember that I cannot and will NEVER be in FULL control. I was not born to be a master of organization and systematic order. My purpose, even though there are times I try to make up my own is to shine as a child  of God, share the Word with others, be a respectful wife to my husband, and raise my children to honor God with their hearts and through their actions.

It's an on going struggle, for any person. But we're humans and it's natural to continue to strive for that perfection and order. I would love to be able to stretch myself thin in attempt to accomplish all that my heart desires...but...there is a time and place. I've noticed that over the past year or so, randomness comes and goes. There are times that shout for structure and scheduled routine. And times our hearts desire to take the back seat and watch to see where life takes us.

Today just happens to be leading me down that necessary road. The one of spontaneity.

A road that my family and I have been traveling down for a few weeks in hopes of reaching a level of stable and relaxing "awh." No TV. No games. Just the four of us doing something together somewhere besides our normal surrounding...aka. the house. We've been embracing randomness more and more and now we love it.

The dishes?

Oh they'll wait.

The laundry?

It needs a cool down anyways.

And those toys?

Well, they can be picked up later.

Because this is where I"m at right now. An unplanned event that is as BIG as the sky and as precious as the sun. Today is our day to let go and be apart of what's going on around...God's grace.

It's in moments like these. The new fuel that feeds my soul. Moments that get lost if you don't grasp them for what they are and I've felt it often lately. And sometimes words are just not necessary. It's the being of it all that is the specialness.

Do you see the grace around you today?

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  1. aw great post ... thanks for the reminder ... coming from the wiegands link up!

  2. I too see the Grace and the blessings around me. Sometimes though, I have to remind myself no matter how bad things are, it could always be a lot worse! I am truly blessed and from the looks of your beautiful family you are too! I just wanted to drop by and say hello! I'm a new blogger and hope you will stop by and visit my blog!! XOXOXO Susan Walker


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