Friday, September 23, 2011

Customizing a Bulletin Board

When I was on the look out for some really inexpensive things to use in the girls' playroom, I came across a set of bulletin boards. I was at the Airman's Attic on base where everything is free. So, two boards for notta. My cup of tea. The only problem was they were perfectly themed for a little boys room or more for a Man Cave type atmosphere. Go Team!?!? I couldn't pass them up though.

I knew the girls' would probably, down the road, use a bulletin board for crafts or masterpieces of some sort, so I thought of a way to use them. When I got home, a little digging led me to these Martha Stewart dish towels I had bought a long time ago and disliked for drying dishes. Too thin for me but perfect for covering up a football themed cork board.

I took the cork board out of the frame with my screwdriver. Layed it on the back side of the towel and plopped it back in the frame. (you like my fancy word don't you!?!) I didn't hot glue it so that if I we change our minds later about color and decor of the room, it'll be easy to do so.

I tightened up the clasps and that was that. The only thing was....

It needed some oomf! The poor board was looking a little blah even with all the excitement of the new field.

I saw that I had some leftover strips from trimming the towel and realized that some twisty flowers would be great in the corners. All I did was twist and glue, twist and glue...

I had a cereal box that was on it's way to the trash and grabbed it up to use for the backing.
 Go Green!
(Sorry...the cheerleader in me is begging to resurface)

A dab of glue on the corners and all done!!

Whatcha Think??

The owl loves it's new home sitting on top. Perfect perch for admiring all the imagination running everywhere (mine included). I think my favorite thing about them is that they were free and thay I can still change them up....but free wins by a long stretch.

What projects have you done this week?


  1. Love this! Found it at Friday Favorites. Have a blessed weekend.

    ~The Lucky Wife {via The Chef}

  2. Hi Kristin, Just found you on The Shabby Nest. This is such a great idea - I would never have thought to cover a bulletin board to make it cute! btw, I'd love to have you link up to my new party for kids decor called Tuesday's Nursery. I'll open the links late Monday but feel free to get a button to help remind you! ;) I hope you can make it!


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