Thursday, September 15, 2011

Re-Using What I Got

When you're blessed with twins, sometimes you're blessed with twice of a lot of things. Bottles, dirty diapers, spit ups, feedings, oh it goes on and on and on and on.

There was a time after the girls were born that we thought our pile of burp cloths was going to become a new member of the family. It just never went away. But that's what happens when there's two.

Well we're way passed the stage of random spit ups. They're more scheduled these days...the girls like to purposely spit out their milk for me to clean up, ehhh, around 4:30 or so. That's just a round-a-bout time frame. Don't quote me on that one. The collection of burp cloths still remains though. While they've been washed and folded for your reassurance, the decision on whether to toss or hold on to them is still up in the air.

For $12 a pack at around 100 packs (just kidding) I hated to just throw them away when I could probably find another way to use them around the house. And that exactly what I've done.

I bought this little Swiffer guy back when we lived in the apartment... my kitchen was so small that having a real mop didn't make sense. Now a days, buying the replacement cloths for this guy makes no sense. With two tiled rooms and two toddlers making drip drip masterpieces everyday, a mop is necessary. Totally necessary. But hauling out the bucket and mop for a little mess every 15 minutes has been exhausting.

When I was doing laundry one day it hit me. I could use the old burp cloths on my swiffer

Here's how it works:

I took a burp cloth and folded the ends toward the middle. The thicker portion is in the center going left to right...sense it's the most durable part of the material.

Then I laid the mop on the cloth just as you would with the original cloths, and tucked it into the little notches

The first time I did this, I filled up my sink with water, vinegar, and some lemon oil for smell. Now I do this prior to attaching the might want to as well if you don't want puddles and puddles everywhere. Live and learn right? 

This is my new "go-to" when a mess occurs in the house. I've rescued the burp cloths from the dreaded land of the olds, re-purposed an old cleaning friend, and figured out a new and super budget friendly way to wipe away those spills. A perfect "in-between mopping" method.
 I'm totally loving this!

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  1. Great idea! With my two older sons, I lived with a burp cloth on my shoulder every moment they were awake. My youngest doesn't need them as much so I'm slowly reusing them in other ways. I made some really soft, sweet flannel ones right before they were born and they make the best hankies when I have a cold. Huge hankies, yes, but so comforting on a sore nose.

  2. What a great idea! I haven't had burp cloths around for a while, but I have some friends still in that stage!

  3. Genius! I've been meaning to make a resusable cover for the swiffer, but I have some burp clothes laying around that would work perfectly!!! Thanks for the idea!

  4. HA !! i've done that before when i ran out of swiffer things it worked GREAT!

  5. Nice.

    We use all the millions of burp cloths we have as snot rags. Because, when one gets a cold, the other one often does too. A lot cheaper than boxes of kleenex--and, you can have them strategically placed all over the house to wipe the endlessly runny noses. :)


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