Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspiration Double

When I have an idea for a project, I usually try to plan it out in conjunction with another or maybe two. It's my way of attempting to get the most out of the small "craft time" allotment I allow myself here and there.

Note: This is NOT my version. Pure Inspiration right here. Just sayin.
A while back I was busy working on this lovely Seaside sign that has still failed to make it's way up on to the wall. I thought why not create another project that I've seen across the board.  While my end results is nothing compared to my inspiration, I'm still loving it because I made it and it's just nifty. Done.
So here's how I managed it all.
* One set of super to the max tired and worn out twin girls sleeping in their cribs so soundly and pure
* A small collection of random colors of paint
* Some scrap pieces of wood
* A few nails, maybe more
* A hammer
* Sand paper or a hand held sander
* wash out your mouth (Thank you Mr. Hammer!)

My pieces of scrap wood were no where near the same size or shapes, but I kind of liked it that way. I played around with the colors to see what combinations I like the best and decided on green, blue, and yellow.I got them painted and let them dry. A few dog nose prints later, I was ready to move on.

I pulled out the sander that I love so much and got to work. I wanted to make sure the edges were soft enough for the girls to touch. Just in splinters please. I cut the support boards and layed it all out to make sure it would work. Some how, I moved the boards and ended up hammering the supports too far apart. Leaving no way to attach the small blue slat on top. No worries though.

Inside, I had the perfect little spot for this rugged looking thing. That letter B is too skinny for this space and needed to relocate, leaving room for my new creation.

I wasn't too worried about the blue board, I just sat it on top. Problem solved. Not to get on to painting.

Eh..we'll save that for another day or not.  

After painting the words black, I realized it was too dark. So some day , I'll grab some white and lighten it all up. Maybe. But for now it'll do.

My favorite part about this whole project, is that it was free!!


  1. You are so crafty, I love it! I always find great ideas, but never make the time to get them DONE! Super cute and I'm loving how it looks :)

  2. Love this!!! And, PS -- I'm so glad to know your newspaper barrier held up against the weeds!! Here's hoping ours does the same!


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