Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Sweet Turquoise WELCOME!

What happens when a Moma finally discovers some misplaced "time on her hands" that she's been looking for, well, for a LOOOOOOOOONG time?

She crafts.

Just in time for the end of summer I tell ya. Maybe the neighbors will forget about it by next year and it'll seem as if I put up a brand  new sign. Moving forward.
The idea hit me when I found this piece of burlap with a ruffled ribbon running through it. It used to work as a curtain in my old craft room area (chuckle) then got tossed in a box when that whole idea crashed. I simply folded it over a hanger and applied some hot glue to create my canvas. 

Aft first I wasn't sure if I was going to use the ribbon or not, so I left it alone. I made a small pennant out of some felt and scrap material. Realizing I glued it backwards after the fact put a smile on my face and reminded me once again that I'm sooooo far from perfect. (smile)

And after attaching the pennant with hot glue, I saw that the ribbon didn't go. I moved on though with some flowers. Simple twirly felt flowers. Cut a spiral, twist and roll, glue along the way until it's all gone.

Add a button or two and maybe a leaf and ...


I dug up some orange straw that really didn't go but I liked it anyways and tied it up top. I cut off the bottom ribbon portion only to see that it looked silly so short. Added some felt letters I cut using my Poor Gals Cricut, and that's it!

But, all in all, I love it. I makes me smile each an every time I walk out the door and the "oh!" that I hear from Hope every morning makes it even more "welcome-ing."

It's wrinkly, cheap, bold and bright, and far from perfect...and that's exactly how my life is right now.
What a better way to WELCOME it's inconsistency...ehh?


  1. Well, I like it! And think it's cute. Great way to re-use something and add some fun to the door. I like that Hope "Oh's!" at it! That would make me smile too!!!

  2. This is so cute and I love the colors!!
    Stopping by from Funk Polkadot Giraffe :)

  3. Would LOVE it if you would link this project up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!! http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/09/turquoise-lovin-5.html

  4. That is super cute! Great idea to use a hanger! I have a party going on over at my blog if you want to join! I'd love to have you! Check it out under the "Stache Party" page on my blog: mylilpumpkinpatch.blogspot.com

  5. So pretty! I love the colors your chose. The blue just pops and is so happy and welcoming. I am a new follower from Too Cute Tuesday. Vicky @ www.messforless.net


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