Monday, September 19, 2011

Lovely Little Ladies

They're growing up so quickly.
So prissy and proper at times.

Their legs are getting longer.
The baby fat is melting away.
Their voices are starting to shine through.
They're starting to develop their own special features.
And their hearts...boy are they getting lovey.

It's hard to imagine what life would have been like if we would have had just one. If plans would have been kept, these little ladies would have never graced my life with such beauty. And look what I would have missed.

The other day we were outside playing and I thought that I would try to snap some pictures for photo keepsakes. I've always got my camera with me because with these two, you never know what they'll do.

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I knew to not even bother with sitting them side by side, so I just opted to following them around the yard snapping here and there. They're SOOOOOOO busy and curious.

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They thought I was playing a game of chase with them and all I heard was giggles and cackles with a scream or two added in.

I'm sure the neighbors were thinking "what are they doing?!?"
After meandering in and about the trees, through the playhouse, around the garden a few times, we managed to squeeze in some pretty lovely pictures. A few clicks of some black and white, and I have what I was going for...some homemade pictures.




I'm in love with these cuties. Totally smitten with them.

Happy 20 months my sweet lovely ladies!!!


  1. They are so cute! Amazing how fast they are growing up!

  2. Their cuteness melts my heart!! I'm not sure which girl is in the polka-dot dress, but heavens to Betsy! if I was her age, I'd totally fight her for it.

    They sure are sweetie pies! Thanks, as always, for linking up.

  3. How adorable! I have 10 month old twin girls :) They are such a joy and blessing! LOVE my life with them in it :) We're busy but SO blessed as it seems you are as well :)

  4. Sweet little girls-they are precious!

  5. Oh my goodness, they are way too cute! Great pics!

  6. they are beautiful! Thanks for linking up ;)


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