Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sisterly Love

When these little girls were born, I immediately yearned for the day that they would develop that special bond that usually occurs between twins. As I've watched them grow over this short period of time, they have already connected in ways that only they will learn to understand. I am simply a by-stander of their sister doings . Right now, those doings are fighting and picking on one another. Not what I had in mind to be frank.

its funny to look back at these pictures. stirs up so many memories. i can't count how many times i made their little beds for them. rolling the blankets to make the perfect little nook to lay in. swaddling them up so tight to make sure they stayed warm and snuggled. sweet nicu moments.

We had a long day yesterday. It was a fussy day for them for reasons I'm still not quiet grasping, but we pressed through it all and managed to make it out to evening time without scars or bruises. They had their moments through out the day that made me really want to just run away. It was overwhelming at times. However, they have their ways of making me melt and fall to when I walk around the couch to see this....

And it's in the moments like this that I see that the connection, that sweet "sister" connection, is already there. I have to just stopped looking so hard.

Happy Wednesday!!


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