Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Call Me Random

There's been a lot of things on my mind lately. Heavy and "stir up the steady flow" type thoughts. However, the world seems to continue it's zippidy-doo-da spinning despite the slight lag of zeal I'm honing in on. It's ok though. We all have moments like this and I'm pretty sure it'll be a short lived moment. I was told Sunday that I should give my anxious feelings a big toss up to the heavens for the Lord to snatch 'em all up. I'm believing it and you should too.


This week, the recipe card called for short mornings and short evenings spent with my better half which in turn makes for long days for both of us. And the latter feelings aren't assisting in the drawn out days. The girls? Oh, my girls, they continue on their toddler explorations of wonder pets, garden dirt, and slides, grandaddy long legs, and that mysterious pine cone.  It's a sneaky one. *smile*


I talked to my Daddy yesterday for almost forever. I felt bad when I got off the phone. Sometimes I feel like I ramble on and on talking about the most nonsense subjects...do you ever feel like that? Why don't they just invent a phone that lets you see what's going on on the other end?
Oh yeah!
The web cam

I've had the urge this week to create  something. I'm starting to recognize that's what happens when my mind becomes bogged down. My outlet I guess. I sort of wish that I could feel the same exuberance when running, but hey! My knees hurt...good excuse? I saw this on Pinterest this week and thought...
Oooh! I could make that.
Source: None via Kristen on Pinterest

I felt the same way about many other creative creations. Have I moved forward in making any of them? Nope. But that's ok too. This week is 12 hour shifts for all of us and leaves little room for creativity (for the Moma that is).


Do you ever wish you could float back to the days of childhood innocence and act in such silly ways, sometimes even defiant ways, and just have it roll off the worlds shoulders like it didn't matter? Me neither. But, my girls, they are living it out and taking advantage of every great idea that pops into those imaginations:

How they thougth of this, I'll never know. It is, however, an honest and prime example that my ladies are pro's at monkey see monkey do.

And please don't mind the mop hair style. We're in the process of growing out the bangs and this is an after bath picture. Please forgive us them.

Creatively speaking...Let's toast!

And just when you thought you had seen it all....
The new and improved way to eat Craisins. *chuckle* Can you get an idea of the goofiness that bounces around my house? It's everywhere!!!


I made some chicken noodle soup on Sunday. My best friend told me it was the best soup he's ever had. Made my heart skip a beat or two. He's such a blessing! And at the end of theday, after all the ins and outs of routines and flair, I get to lay quietly in the dark holding his hand while we drift off to welcome what's in store for us around the corner. What better way to say farewell to a day full of trail and bliss?


  1. Thinking about you - your days sound a lot like mine lately - goofy little kids who suck food off tables and long work days for my husband - oh it does make the heart ponder! Praying for good, quality family time for you soon :)

  2. Days of craziness, fun and exhaustion...I hear ya, friend. You are making so many good choices right now for your family...The Lord is pleased with you! Give all of cares to Him, for He cares for you.

    Love you, sweet lady!

  3. I've been thinking about you - I think our days are very similar in this season of life. I love the pictures! Your girls are precious!!!


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