Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mindful Randomness

I like my days of random-ness.

Sometimes it causes my mind to wonder the possibilities of all sorts followed by late nights of nonstop mind rolling. Other times it leads me down this road where a spark of genius is awaiting me. And then, there's just the random. sparkle. Just random. And I'm OK with that.

* The girls' hair is doing this mop style thing. I'm not too fond of it, but I also don't want to cut their bands again.

* Bath time has turned into my favorite part of the day. Sometimes it may just happen to occur before supper or even lunch time...or both for that matter.

* To refinish completely or paint and distress?

*I love that quick look they give me when they've just figured out how to do something they've been attempting for weeks. There's only so many of those moments.*sigh*

* We miss Daddy during twelve hour shifts.

* I think the girls' favorite meal might be scrambled eggs.

* Sometimes I can't decide on a craft to do. Maybe a journal is in my future for such heavy decisions?

* My husband is picking up on my quirky words. Makes my heart tingle for him *sigh of love*

* Hope says, "sit" a lot. Doesn't quite come out the way it should. Makes me laugh and cringe all in one.

*Rain boots...I {heart} them very much so!

* When do preemies grow out of preemie-ness? Just wondering.

* We found a birds nest today. Thanks to the gusty winds. Perfect teaching op.

* Why is Donald Duck so grumpy? And have you ever compared now to then? I mean, I just witnessed Donald shooting Mickey...that would not fly for cartoons this day and age.

Oh...and this random-ness is never ending. Feel free to jump in where you feel most comfortable. Or just sit back and get a chuckle at the stuff that rolls through my head during the day.

and on an even more random note.
I offered some items to be sold in the Water4Christmas shop. You can read about here. One of them sold. So happy to be able to help others when I can.

The Tomboy
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  1. Your post is adorable and so is this blog!

  2. Such a sweet post. New follower here. "The Tomboy" is gorgeous. Love those colors.

  3. Sweet post, so many happy thinks happening!

    Ngaio May xx


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