Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Christmas Angel

this past sunday we picked out our angel child off of the christmas tree at church. people were huddled all around trying to find the perfect child to support. i had hope perched on my hip and mike and savannah were waiting for us out front. i tried to hurry up so i gently squeezed our way up to the tree and just grabbed a random card, tucked it in my purse, and scooted out the door. when i got in the truck, i pulled it out and read about the child.

her name is keila.
two years old.
she wants a toy and a bible for christmas.

how special for god to lead me to choose a child that is so close to my girls. the card listed her clothing sizes and shoe sizes and let me tell the T. so monday morning when the girls got up, we were all sitting at the table eating our breakfast and i started to tell them about the angel child we chose. i explained how we can shine for jesus by giving her a gift she might not get . that our giving is a pure example of gods love and through this gift we are being obedient to his commandment.

now i know that they don't get it. all they know is jesus and that when i say his name to point to the heavens and to hold their hands together when we pray. that's it. but it doesn't matter, because one day it'll sink in. this season is special and i want my girls to learn that the opportunity to give to others is a way of blessing his name and to share his love with others. thats the real focus.

the card requests atleast two toys and two items of clothing/shoes. we're seiously strapped financially right now and i even knew that when i reached for the card. but it's not my place to worry. i do, however, know that some way some how the resources will be there when the time comes for me get these items. i do know that a little girls face is going to light up when she sees her gifts from my little girls. i do know that my heart will sing praises to lord becase he opened my heart and lofted me the opportunity to give not only to keila, but to my own little ladies...a slight sliver of his grace and praises. the lord will bless her heart and will touch her life the ways he sees fit.

he tells us, go and "be my witness." (acts 1:8)
god has surrounded us by opportunities of influence. i know that in the past, i thought i couldn't help, that offering my service wouldn't matter much...but it's not the level of impact that matters, it's in obeying the calling. we have been called to be "examples of christ " (1 thes 1:7) and what better way to spread his word than through the heart of a child, whether it's theirs, ours, or someone elses.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

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