Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet, Glorious Friday

I'm so happy it's Friday. Each morning I've gotten up with this crazy idea that it's Friday. The whole day plays out and as if it was really Friday. Then bed time would come and I'd realize that, hey, it's not Friday. Don't you hate days like that?

Well guess what yall!

wa-HOO!!! For real!

So...some little updates from the chicken coop this week.

Little Victories during supper time. Oh yes!
Hope started eating her potatoes and sweet potatoes.
Savannah started and is now officially eating chicken in any form or shape.
Hope tried some of her chicken after 3 nights in a row.
(I know, hoorible, but don't put me up for the worst Moma in theworld award quite yet...mmm...k?)
She ate half and threw the rest on the floor for the dogs. *sigh*
They both ate homemade alfredo with us on Tuesday. Surprise! Surprise!
Hope, quite shocking I tell you, ate some taco meat last night. Total shocker, but I held my composer.
And I really meant little when I said example:

I'll let you ask her why she's crying, because we could not figure out a legit reason. But, neither could she at that point in time. So, carry on.


Feeding two little chicks that can't quite make up their mind if it tastes good or looks disgusting is extremely frustrating and rewarding at the same time. Because eventually you make your way to the supper times that go so smoothly they deserve a cookie for dessert and you almost don't want to leave the table because you're actually enjoing the little moments you're spending with your daughters. What a sweet tweat? *wink*

The Difference is Evident
Here is the part where you will see that even though they may be twins does not necessarily mean they will have the same interest in things.
Savannah has always wanted to help me in the kitchen. Up until recently, she's been too short for even the step stool and counter space is so limited that she can't sit up top. So, we've never really done "kitchen time." Now, she's tall enough so she can peak over the edge and reach with her little hands
....all on her tippy toes I might add.

Hope...well...she'd rather float away in her milk crate *smile* She has no interest in helping Moma in the kichen, which is fine. If we were making mud pies instead of baked pork chops, she might reconsider the offer to help, but hey, to each their own. Right?

And that's about it. Our week has been pretty ordinary. We made some chili on Sunday, soft pretzels on Monday. The girls discovered a bowl of M&M's last night, right before bed I might add, and gobbled them up so fast to keep from being caught inaction. I think they forgot to realized the blue and green drool dripping from their lips.

Savannah was proud of her actions...

Hope was a little bit sorry. She walked out of the kitchen with her hands over her eyes. This is her way of dissapperaing, as if we can't see her. *smile*

"No pictures please!?!"

I'll be sharing some stuff next week. I just have to get it out of my head and who better to share it with than friends. So...Until then, enjoy this inspiration I found on Pinterest. Happy Friday!


  1. Your dinners sound a lot like our meals with L - she can't make up her mind if she wants to eat something or some days she gobbles everything down, and then others, she will hardly touch a bite!!! It CAN be frustrating and rewarding all at the same time! I think what gets me is that one day she'll eat all of something, and the very next day, she won't touch that exact same thing!!!! Oh the joys of toddlers! Stay strong, mama!

  2. Yay, they're eating!! Good job momma! I just wanted to let you know that hubby and I are starting a cooking blog (in fact I'll be posting there for the first time today) called "Smootchin' in the Kitchen" and most of the recipes will be kid-approved. I hope you stop over sometime.
    Love your heart, girl!

  3. Love the pictures of your sweet girls!


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