Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prematurity Rocks the World

My girls...oh boy! Tomorrow they will be 22 months and they are going STRONG!!!!


Bundles of energy that burst open each morning with words they learned the day before.
Their hair is growing long and wavy.

They almost have all of their teeth.
Coordination is starting to make home in their feet allowing them to boogy the night away in their purple butterfly slippers.
Strong will has emerged from the realms of nonexistence to the kitchen table for a nightly appearance.

The phrase or so called word, "ow-sigh" has become an every 10-15 minute repetition.
They have quick feet that remind me of the Fred Flinstone bowling shuffle...twinkle toes per say.
Eyes that are full of curiosity and wonder, that light up when they see something they adore: birds, the moon, fish, Daddy, family on the web cam, baby seahorse and Pooh Bear.

They are daily blessings and a continuous reminder that God answers prayers.

Because it still wasn't that long ago that these rambuncious young'ons were born way too early to a Moma and Daddy that were not ready for what was placed down the road ahead.

A month meant to recognize how thankful we should be.
It is also the month to raise National Preemie Awareness. It's a big deal. Because over 543,000 babies are welcomed into this world way before their due date for reasons known and most commonly, unknown.

Holding Savannah for the first time.
Prematurity is a rough road to travel down. Harder for the baby, but trialsome on the heart and minds of the new parents. It's no lie when you hear someone repeat the quote, "it's a roller coaster of emotions." There is no guarantee that the update a doctor brings will be good. You always have to be ready for those potholes.

Touching Hope for the first time after being told I wasn't allowed to hold her.  Crocodile tears anyone?

That is the best way to describe the feelings that evolve from an experience like this.
A good day can take a quick turn for the worse...and you...all you can do is be there...pray for God's grace...

You can't fix them. You can't heal their unfinished bodies. You can't put them back to continue growing.

You just sit. Hold them. Kiss their heads. Whisper in their ears. Sing them songs. Pray with them in your arms and tell them that they are perfectly yours...forever...and ever...and ever..

 We were one of the fortunate families. 

Will you stop today and think about the families that are facing that roller coaster of emotions in NICU's abroad? Pray that their hearts will settle on the Lord for strength and courage because prematurity is totally rocking their world right now.

Today is November 17, 2011.

To learn more about the effects of prematurity and how you can help to raise awareness or offer support,


  1. Oh my goodness, how far you all have come! I remember when your hubby posted on here that they had come early and that you guys needed prayers. HE is good! Both of your girls are heart-stealers. Your prayers were answered, my friend!

  2. Beautiful pictures! How good is our God! Blessings on your busy day!


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