Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Musings

Last night I was up to almost 1 a.m. thanks to a random decision to enjoy a 5 o'clock cup of coffee. I was desparate at that time to stay awake and remained absent minded to the fact that caffiene really sticks with me. So, me and my self, wide awake when everyone else is sleeping. Thats me. Not a great way to begin what will turn out to be a long week. the good thing is, laundry is done. *smile*

Mike will go on 12 hour shifts again this week which means so will I. Twelve hour shifts are not fun, especially when your girls are, yet again, sick. So, hopefully by the time Friday rolls around, I'll still have some sanity left to push through the day.

Our Thankgiving weekend was memorable. The girls started coughing the day before and are still. I'm thinking since it was only a week and a half that they weren't sick, it's time for some seroius talk with the doc.

What'cha think about that blog friends? Advice on this will be greatly appreciated in the comment section below or via email. Your choice.

The main day was enjoyed over at a buddies house where the girls were just not sick enough to run around the yard, chase the dogs, play with Daddy, and climb trees.

The only thing they didn't do is eat turkey and mashed potatoes. It was nice, I admit, to be able to sit back and just watch the holiday festivity instead of running the show  like the past few years.

Friday we made homemade ravioli,

lounged out in my bedroom with some adorbale little Veggies and tried to catch up.

and I stole some smooches when they weren't covered in boogies.

Saturday we roamed around the house and the yard. Laid on the couch and snuggled. Played with some blocks and little people...all the while...

 Daddy was outside smoking a rack of ribs which we graciously introduced to our bellies in conjunction with some buttery mashed potatoes.

Sunday was dedicated to infusing our home with the Christmas spirit and the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The Christmas jingles were on tune, the house smelled warm and cozy (despite the 74 degree temp outside) and the decor was up, up, up and away.

On a side note:

My Moma has a major surgery planned for Thursday. I'm asking for your prayers not only for a quick and easy surgery, but also for a swift and painless recovery. She would be would I.

With that, I leave you with this...

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  1. My girls must have sounded and looked like your kids. Snot, boogers and nasty coughs. This is our Thanksgiving tradition though. Every. single. year. Your raviolis... awesome!

  2. Thank you for the glimpse of the last few days, it was fun to see all the pics and learn about you guys a little, I'm new to your blog, I came from Life Made Lovely, happily following !

  3. Poor dearies...and poor mama. That gets so old. We had a year like that and I ended up getting liquid elderberry from a local natural grocery store. I dropped a couple of drops into my kids juice several times a day. It's a natural immune booster. It doesn't help during an illness like echinacea, which you only take during an illness.

    Glad you had a sweet weekend with your family anyway. 12 hour days? Ugh. You'll be glad when this week is over.

  4. ((Hugs)) My girls have literally been sick for six weeks now. Just as soon as their cough starts to go away, and their little noses stop requiring constant wiping----it starts back up again. My girls cough until they throw up, so we clean up lots of throw-up. It's exhausting.

    We've been to the doctor twice. Once Brynne did have an ear infection, but most of the time it's just a virus, and there's nothing they can do. The last time they were in, she said she'd give us a script for a steroid if we wanted. Of course, then you weigh whether it's worth it to get rid of the cough, b/c the steroid weakens the immune system (we passed).

    All this sickness makes me, seriously, never want to leave the house. Ever. *Sigh*

    Not trying to one-up you or anything, just saying I completely empathize. It's so hard (on everyone---especially Mama) when the littles are sick.

    Praying you all recover quickly!!


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