Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Christmas Story: 2011

Such a wonderful Christmas vacation. We made our way south to soak up the Florida sun this Christmas. Perfect weather if you ask me.

Just like old Florida Christmas'...

Crisp air.
Cold Oysters.
Sibling jokes.

We did nothing but enjoy the company of our family, the joy of the season, and the excitement that was being brewed right before our eyes.

Kids + Christmas = Loads of Joy!!!

The kids played...

And played...

 And played some more...

Just roaming and going where ever their little feet would take them. 

Christmas morning, we got up early and ventured down the road for our Christmas breakfast. Nana always makes a SO SO GOOD hash brown casserole that's gone before you realize it and an egg and ham casserole. The star of the show is the famous Jiggers she has made for years. Similar to a donut, but not a donut. If that makes sense.
You can see them right above...Pure Yummy!!!
After all bellies were full, we made way to the living room. My Bub read Luke 2...a family tradition. And then the girls went wild handing everyone presents, whether it was theirs or not.
So cute!

Afterwards, we headed back to Moma and Daddy's to do Christmas there. It didn't take the kids long to jump on the band wagon. They knew what to do and that was to tackle those wrapped boxes!

They were so excited with their gifts. Colton got some tools, a broom for his pretend shop, a tractor, and some wooden toys that the girls ended up playing with.

The girls, all of them, were back and forth showing everyone what they got. The big girls got their own purses and inside what-nots. And I'm guessing a bit of cash.

I think you can tell the quillows I made the nieces were a big hit. They wouldn't part with them for a minute.

Once the thrill of new presents wore off, everyone just played and enjoyed the rest of the day. My girls showed Grandmother how to work Colton's toy. Over and over and over.

We were serenaded by a toddler medley. So sweet!

We played inside as long as we could and then wandered out the front door to burn some of that childish energy enjoy the fresh air.

I think everyone had a great time. It's not often that we're together to enjoy just being with each other. So, we took full advantage of this time. And can you believe that all that time we were there, we managed to get not one single family picture. Can you believe that?!?
But look at everything that I did catch.


I sure hope everyone was able to enjoy and soak up all the seasons blessings. It's such a wonderful time of year to remind us of the most important gift ever to be given.
Now to push through the new year with big bang and rock it on to 2012.


  1. Oh this made me cry! I missed seeing you guys, although we did have a nice Christmas at home. Thank you for all the pics, it made me feel like I was there with you. . .as well as a little jealous, I always do love jiggers!

  2. Looks like your family had a great Christmas! I'm so glad you got home for a family fix. I'm in shock at how long the girls hair looks! SOOO pretty!

  3. What a great Christmas! Must investigate those Jiggers.

    How fun to celebrate it with all your family! What a blessed day!


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