Thursday, December 29, 2011


...I worked my butt off at the gym. Cardio. Strength training. Abs...lots of abs.

This morning...I'm sore, but man do I feel good. This feeling is addicting.

...I made some beef sandwiches that I don't have a recipe for. We've had chicken the past couple of times I've cooked and I thought the hubs would like something other than a Bauk! Bauk! A thin cut, top sirloin was all I could dig out of the freezer so that was what I worked with. I concocted a marinade with some worchestire ( do you know how to spell that word?!?!) sauce, soy sauce, minced garlic, salt and pepper, and a dash of liquid smoke. I made sandwich rolls using my hamburger bun recipe. Maybe I'll write this up to share with you because it turned out soooooo yummy. The hubs gave a big thumbs up!

...I talked to my Moma forever on the phone and realized once again that it's so sad when I have to leave her. She's such a fine lady, my Moma.

...I admired some lovelies on Etsy.

...I played my latest music selection, Leigh Nash, on my ipod. Sweet hymns.

...I got all the laundry washed and put away before the hubs got home. NEW RECORD!!!!
...I started looking for birthday ideas for the Little's that will be 2 soon. So cute, so big, so fast.

...I listened to the precious language between twin sisters. Jibber jabber at it's finest.
New words: Help, Sissy, Hope, Pa, Pa-Paw, Moma, Eat, Apple, Where'd she go?, Oh no!, Awh!, Drink, Baby, Grrrr!, No.           *REMINDER - MUST PICK UP CAM-CORDER!*

...I conversed New Years plans with the hubs. Continuing lasts years happenings...beach walks on New Years Day. We like!

New Years Day 2011
...I watched the hubs put the Little's new bikes together after they ventured to dreamland. Christmas presents from Nana and Pa.

...I put my head on my pillow with full grasp of the blessings I have in my life. Thank you Lord!

How was your yesterday?

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