Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Jolly Old Elf

A random visit from the local fire station.
Something to spark the cheer in our misfit neighborhood.

and a jolly old Elf.

Unsure about the unusual event, the girls stared the truck down with raised eyebrows.

We got a kick out of watching the other kids jump for joy at the sight of such legend.
The girls still drew back.

And like most cases (after the fact of the matter),  as the truck made it's way out of the neighborhood,
I heard Hope softly whisper....

And something that really just got me all tickled up this week. The towel that my husband brought me. Stranded in the shower, cold and wet, and he brings me the girls frog hooded towel.
Gotta love him!!!!

Even funnier (to me that is) I'm still using it. Makes me smile every time I step out of the shower.


 Savannah the Entertainer

Miss Hope .

Out of the blue.
A terrible meltdown.
No explanation.
No rhyme or reason.
Just tears.
A whole lot of 'em.

Savannah jumped on the opportunity to make her Sissy smile.



  1. Awe, how cute. Are they twins? Looks like it. :) I love your towel story and definitely the fire truck one. Just the other day I told my husband how back in the 80's my home town used to send Santa in a fire truck on a Saturday, passing out bags of peanuts, oranges, and candy canes to all the children. It was such a highlight of my Christmas childhood memories. You must live in a somewhat small town. :) Found you over at WILW. Jessica

  2. Lily would LOVE it if a fire truck did that in our neighborhood! Not so much for Santa, but the fire truck! :) Thank you so much for the Christmas card! We love it!! Yours should be getting to you soon :)

  3. We went to my hometown in SC and I completely forgot that Santa comes through the neighborhoods on a fire truck!


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