Thursday, December 22, 2011

Puppy Love

I'm not quite sure if I've ever really cordially introduced you to the pups of the house.
The fur balls that stir up the house and keep us on our toes.
Oh...wait...that's the girls.
Ok, well  the mongrels that keep our laps warm and bring smiles to our faces.
Well, that's the girls too.

Ok...I give up.
Meet our third and fourth children.
Bella                                                                                      Hank
Miss Bella is sassy. She's a quirky little dachshund that found her way into our lives through the looking glass at the pet store. I was a sucker for her puppy eyes and vivacious character. Looking back, I should've gotten her sister too. Who knows what ever happened to her. *tear*

This little dog is my baby girl. A surprise purchase for both Mike and myself on a Veterans Day a few years apartment days way back. She made herself at home not only in the house but in our hearts as well. She can be a pain. She likes to bark. Not my favorite trait of hers, but she's a sweetie.

Mr. Hank. Oh, my sweet Hankie dog. He's a pill. He's goofy and spunk all wrapped into one little dog.
He will turn your gray skies blue, and open the curtains to let the sun shine in.
He's precious.

He came home with me a few weeks after my miscarriage. Not quite a replacement, but enough of a baby to softly ease the ache. He was my snuggler, my demand, my focus.

Isn't he a stud muffin!?!?

These kids make me laugh, they make me happy, they keep us entertained, and fill our house with loads and loads of laughter and joy...sounds like some other kiddos that roam our house. *wink*

So there you have it. The dogs. Our other kids. The ones that take up a little extra space in our hearts because they are, of course, so incredibly adorable and spunky.

Sweet Luvins!


  1. Awww, we love our sweet pooches don't we!? Such a cute post, thank you for sharing this with us!


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