Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's What We Do

Did your Mama ever have these? Do you? When I was little, I'd sit up on the bathroom counter and watch my Moma roll her hair. I honestly don't know how she did it. I'm not sure if it's that I have sort of thin hair or that I just don't have a clue, but this.... the ONLY way I could get my rollers to stick. I looked like an alien Moma and that's the truth! And you should have seen the little's faces when they saw this contraption.  

Go ahead. Bust out laughing, because I was. What was I thinking?
They joined in on the hair fun quick. They each brought me a clip and asked "pwease?" How could I resist?

And I'm sure if I would have left the rollers in long enough, I would have had nicely curled Q's, but I was impatient and was left with semi-curls.

Oh we had so much fun. These girls were cracking me up! I was reminiscing the days of my so called counter time with my Moma. Clouds of Aqua Net hovering above my head, tight curls, poofy do's.
Those moments were little, but priceless.

It was in those short spurts that I learned a lot about life. About being a lady. About being a woman. I might not have picked up on hair tactics, but I did catch the rest. (looking back, maybe I should have focused more on the hair)

The Littles.
Their clips were in and out, in and out. Side clips, back clips, front name it. They were so funny! And who knows what they were telling me about my alien hair. Crazy mumbo jumbo.

I combed out my curls. Not sure if I should have, because they looked funky. I think I may need a trim or a new cut. Something. It just looked poofy and frizzy to me.  Didn't like it one bit. So, what does a girl do when her hair fails?

Starts over, that's what!
MOPS meeting at 9:30? Eh? It's 8:45, I've got time to dry and hit the road. 

The girls got ponytails and I got clean straight hair for the day.

You see, as mothers and wives, we pick up pieces, make new what has been mangled up, and press forward with what lies before us in a way that fits and suits our family...US.  We show our girls, or sons, that perfection is not found simply in looks, it's found in how you think of yourself and how you view your heart.

Perfect for the person you are.
Just as God created

Even on days when we don't quite feel like it.



  1. Aw, this is so sweet. Your hair process looks a lot like mine on many days! And there's just no way to resist when the little ones want to join in!

  2. Tee-hee! Your contraption made me smile! Glad you guys had such fun with it! And yes, God created us just the way we were meant to be...all for His glory!

  3. perfect just the way we are. LOVE! i gotta remind myself.

  4. Lily loves sitting on the counter when I'm doing my hair and make-up. Such a special time for little girls and their mamas! You crack me up with your contraption! :) If you roll your hair again, maybe just run your fingers through the curls and see if you like it better than brushing. Mine gets super frizzy too when I brush it.

  5. Oh, I love it! I'm blog hopping tonight, and I landed here, and I'm so glad I did! My mom used hot rollers all my life, and I use them now when I have time. I have SO much hair, so it takes me forever to get it all up. I agree with Kelly. The key is in your fingers, not a comb. And it really helps if you use a good salon hairspray.

    I'm cracking myself up here! I'm not the one you need to take beauty tips from! Maybe your should do the opposite of what I just said. Ha!


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