Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bed Time

It's not often that they wander into my room and snuggle up in the comfiness of Moma and Daddy's bed. Mainly because every single time we've done so, one or both end up falling off the bed ending the whole fun moment with a flood of tears. I have a fear of a broken arm/leg, two Little's and being home alone. So it's been taken off the fun list for a while. That is, until today.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.
My girls, not quite that spice concoction.
They're a bit spicier, I would say.

Our rainy day started at the break of dawn...we watched TV. We cuddled
The Tickle Monster made a visit...or two...or three. Who's counting? 

You see, here lately, our home has been filled with nonsense. I've been pushed to my limits. I've made numerous negotiations. Settled thousands of differences. All to instill the just right values into the hearts of these two royalties. I've been so consumed with getting it right that I've overlooked the joy of it all. My secret? I don't have one. We're still working on things. I take notes from the day before and go from there. Sort of  like a step ahead of them persay.

Let go of the worry.
If they fall off the bed, oh well.
That's what God's hand is for.

Let go of the frustration that their nonsense may bring to your day and let their smiles fill your heart. It's a contagious act and it will turn evertying around. I promise.

Change things up...let them sleep in a new room on a different bed. And maybe just maybe, catch some z's with them. Bring some rejuvenation to all of you.

I love my girls. To the bottom of my heart and back.They make me angry at times, frustrated beyond words, but always, always steal my heart when I'm at my lowest moments. It's days like today, bed time for instance, that brings me back to focus and builds my strength back up to deal with the load ahead.


  1. I love it when mommas take the time to enjoy their little ones. I always tried to let those moments happen. Sometimes I failed...but when I succeeded they were wonderful.

    Your girls are adorable! Such blessings!

    Enjoy them...they grow up so quickly.

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

    1. We've been enjoying a lot of these moments lately. I think they have finally learned that snuggling is so lovey.

  2. LOVE the pic with you and one of the girls (sorry, not sure which one) where you're both grinning! Absolutely made me smile, too. Good job letting some things go. It's the hardest thing in the world (at least for me!). Believe me, this is the stuff you all will remember. Besides, broken bones heal, right? Easy for me to say, I wouldn't have to be the one taking care of a poor little love fussing in pain. ;)


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