Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today...well...I have nothing particular to mumble on about.

It's cold here this morning.
My babies are still in deep sleep comas.
My hands are warm thanks to my jar of coffee.
The dogs are snuggled on my side of the bed.

We have nothing planned out for the day.
I'll throw random up in the air and see if it fits us.
I'm sure it will.


I'm sure it will all occur some time or another. That's what cold days are catch up on all the inside moments that are usually tucked away.

After I got the hubs off to work this morning, I dug into my own interventions. There's no better way, and I truly mean it, than to start your day off with a read or two from the word. I have no devotion right now, but that's ok.

I got a little lost in the midst of some vintage lovelies. I think I found my new piece to bring home.

My friend Leigha and her husband welcomed their new baby boy to the world last night. I'm so extremely thrilled for them and envious at the same time. What a blessing.

Mama and baby are doing wonderful and Leigha looks beautiful holding her new bundle.
I'm sure she'll be posting about it soon on her blog:

I think I officially have the baby bug and I'm not sure if it's going away anytime soon.
Oh, sweet prayers for this Moma heart of mine.

Love you guys!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned... stories, snuggles, slippers. Yup, good day.

  2. Our inside days sound so similar to yours...we've already had colortime, playtime, slippertime, and it's only 1000!!! Have a lovely day!

  3. Thank you my sweet friend! I am catching up on your life and I am praying :) I miss you and will call you tomorrow!! Love you!!


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