Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Day for Cupcakes

I woke up the other morning with the desire to make cupcakes with my girls. Something I've been hesitant to do due to lack of space. The girls usually like to wonder in two different directions which makes sense. They may be twins, but they think differently.

Ingredients for this adventure are:

A box of mix.
A tub of icing.
Two little girls
One patient Moma.
Two little dachshunds for the Clean-up Crew

Hope didn't want to help at first. But I've said before, she's more of my outside lady.

She joined up eventually.

And this is when I realized I only own one whisk. I'll add that item to my "MUST BUY" list. Improvising with spoons for the moment. It worked!

Placing the liners was a tedious task. For them, not me. In and out they went...over and over. I think we can count to three toddler language that is.

Once the liners were in their perfect manner, in went the batter. Now don't fret yall, I added the eggs and such after they had the chance to lick the batter off the spoons. I'm not for raw egg consumption and neither are they if I have a say so...which I do *smile*

Full admiration of the baking process. Lasted a whole 10 seconds.

We colored some cupcake pages and letter C's while we waited for the cupcakes to bake.

Nap time came before they could help with the icing. So I indulged myself with the task of lathering on the chocolaty goodness.


Savannah decided she wanted absolutely nothing to do with a food that was brown. I know they don't look as good as they taste so I didn't fight it. Hope was wanting to like it, but she just couldn't.

She tasted the icing and broke into tears. Big alligator tears. Like we took can't even think of what would cause tears like these.

They were that big!!!

Mike talked to her, as if she could really grasp the dlightfullness of these wonders, and it worked.  

She tried it again, with less icing, and enjoyed the rest of the treat she and her sister made.

What a day for cupcakes!!!

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  1. How fun! What a fun but not-so-easy task to bring our little ones into the kitchen. Looks like they enjoyed themselves!


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