Friday, January 6, 2012


A rough day.
They started early for some reason.
Grumpy and whiny.
I'm not sure why or what for...but that was the mood starting bright and early.

We played and cried.
Played and cried.
Several trips to timeout were made because ears weren't open and aware like they should have been.
It was a long day for sure.

I thought when Daddy got home it would ease up a bit like it usually does.
His presence does wonders.
But not today.
At supper time, the littles were fussy and decided to intertwine themselves with my legs in front of the hot stove. Something I'm not too fond of.....the hot + stove part that is.

I was done.
Worn out.
I felt defeated.
I knew though, that I had to fight back as the Moma, so I grabbed the first thing I could.
Coffee filters.
They just happened to be within reach.

Ah HAH!!!

Instant hat for ya!
Instant smiles.
Instant giggles.

Everyone got hats.
Even Moma and Daddy.

The mood changed immediately.
Even mine.

No more tears.
No more fussing.
No more whining.

We were ALL happy (-ier).

We ate and then played.
Til about 8:30 we played.

Sometimes the day will feel as if it's never going to end.
Sometimes I fee like I can't go one more minute.
Sometimes I wanna run to my room and shut the world out.
Sometimes my mind feels like it's going to fall to pieces.
And sometimes...

I let all the mess melt away because my blessings shine brighter than any cloudy day.


  1. What a great post. I am finally out of that stage, my youngest is 5 next month. I remember all to clear how exhausting it is to keep littles happy and entertained all day. It's a fierce job but rewarding non the less. Love the final picture. :) They grow so fast!

  2. We were there today. The day kept feeling longer and longer, instead of shorter. Fussing, crying, fighting. Not listening. Agh! And then, it was snack time, and gloriously, it subdued everything and the mood shifted. After hours, there was happiness and peace. Finally! I love your post and that you pulled out coffee filters!

  3. That was us this morning. I think after two days of my little girl being with grandmamas while we took Levi to appointments, she was just worn out from all the attention. Thankfully she's been much better this afternoon!


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