Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My days usually...ok...I won't lie here.
My days must always begin with coffee.
Like my new cup?!?

Thank you $1 section at Target!!!

I got a new do this past week. I got some guts and went for it.

Speaking of some other things I'm loving these days...

My new earrings from Laura. My new favorites.

This lovely face...hers, not mine!

Big things in the mail...yay!!!

Her cheeks and button nose.

My book worm.

My bag lady.
My man...
number one for being my man and number two, for cleaning my carpets this weekend.
Squeaky clean!!!

It's Tuesday.
Warm weather in the forecast today.
I'm thinking outside is a definite.
Sweet luvins!


  1. Love the new do!

    Isn't it wonderful to find THAT cup for your coffee. It makes it taste just that much better, I think ;)

    Praise Jesus for husbands who do big projects that make our home a better place to be!

  2. Okay, first things first. Totally digging the new hair. Sup-ah cute!! New coffee cup, clean carpets, fun things in the mail, I hear you, girl. It's a beautiful beginning to a week.

  3. LOVE the hair! And the new mug! Oh, and double yay for husbands who clean carpets!

  4. Fun post, LOVE THE HAIR, but your address is on the mail for all the world to see. Are you sure that's a good place to put that? Sorry if I'm paranoid. We had some issues with recently. Sorry if I'm being too nosy.

  5. Love the hair! Good coffee, great mug and warm temps...I'd say that adds up to a great start!

  6. LOVE your haircut!!!! You look adorable!!


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