Friday, January 13, 2012

Thrifty Thrifting

Say the word THRIFT several times. It only takes maybe 3-4 repeats before it really sounds weird. Do you ever wonder how and who came up with some of the words in the English language. Man! Anyhoo...

This is where the Little's and I went this week. It was our special trip. Sometimes we venture to Target, sometimes its the Dollar Store, most cases it's Publix because we're always always out of milk. But. This week. The Thrift Store was the chosen one.

We walked around that store right when they opened at 9 because early birds get the word...or all the good stuff in our case. Just look at what we scored...

A bag of doilies for $3
An old briefcase for $1
An old ammo tin for $6 (shhh! Don't tell the's a present for him this year *smile*)

A bag of cookie cutters for $3 ( the Little's couldn't wait to play with them...see those sticky fingers?!)
A J.Crew polka dot purse for $3
A pair of gray boots for $2

I saw these baskets and fell in love! Four of them for $3 because one had a broken handle.

I think the doilies are my favorite though. I can't wait to whip up some lovelies for the house.

  The boots, I was shocked to see the boots. You see, I've been wrastling with the thought of buying a pair of boots off a website that I honestly can't remember and am seriously too lazy to go look for. I do however remember that they were around $40 and some change. So you can understand my excitement when I saw that these were only two bucks AND my size! That NEVER happens to me....EVER!!!!

And to add to the joy of all of our good finds, we got home and saw that my new kicks had arrived. For 16.99, I was almost as happy as I was about those $2 boots!

The only sad thing is that I quickly learned that the SIMPLE brand is I'm thinking I'm going to snag a few more while they're on sale and store them up....cause they're super super comfy and cutesy too!

Well I"m off to sip on my coffee and wait for the Little's to stir around. Cheers!

Aisle to Aloha


  1. Awesome finds! I LOVE simple shoes!!!! They are closing?! I must get in on those deals :)

  2. Gosh, I wish we could go thrifting together. I love, love finding some good stuff. Your baskets are a score... all of it is. But I want the baskets myself. ANd I'm going to look up your tenny shoes, so cute.:)

  3. Oh My Goodness: those baskets are SUPER ADORBS! Oh, the things I could do with those. My husband has just about banned me from thrifting. I came home one day after dropping off two boxes with almost just as much as I dropped off. Some days you get lucky, and then other days are a bust, but looks like you made out! Fabulous little things :)

    Hopping over from the party!

  4. visiting from "aisle to aloha" - love those baskets!! your deals were definitely better than mine ;-) though i did get a new file cabinet for the studio for $5.......too bad i forgot to take a pic :-(

  5. I love thrifting! And it's always find the best deals early early! :) Great post!

  6. LOVE your finds, those boooooooooooooooots!!!


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