Monday, February 27, 2012

Witness of Moments

We've had an unsurprisingly cheerful weekend. We welcomed Pa Pah back to Charleston and he so graciously brought the cold air with him. After lunch and a short drive home, we showed Pa Pah how we groove to the natural rhythm of our backyard.

Tucked back behind the comfort of our fence. Secluded from the outside strange that lurks the curvature of the neighborhood. We feel safe in our little nook. Turning the corner of the yard is an adventure within itself. You never know what may be welcoming you. A blue bird perched atop the cottage, a squirrel feasting on yesterdays bean activity remnants. It's always a pleasant surprise and one we look forward to each day. 

Everyday we wander out and awake our senses. Sometimes I illustrate possibilities and they mimic quite well. Ups and downs, highs and lows, turn arounds and sit downs. But today, I sat back. I withdrew my daily invite and simply watched them create a world of adventure all on their own.

With an unexpected greeting form a neighbor, our house was quickly filled with welcomed pass-me-downs. I am always more than accepting to a bag of clothes no longer needed by a little girl. It's such a big help. Burried deep in the bottom of the bags were two little princess dresses that once spotted, had no hope for rescuing. 

Daddy helped his little ladies step into their lovely attire while I, once again, sat back and watched. I more than often help to direct the play and I am enjoying playing part of the audience for once.

While the week is full of what ifs and wild possibilities, we are enjoying the moments of the now for what they bring. 

Laughter on a steady repeat. 
Sweet random kisses from little princesses. 
Bonds that forge through the depths of distance
And pure joy of being with family. 



  1. How awesome is that! I love surprise hand me downs. Such a big help. I am loving the princess dresses. They look SO happy in them!

  2. What a great second surprise at the bottom of the first - princess dresses!

  3. Oh my goodness, you have twin girls? They are absolutely precious, you must have so much fun!!

  4. I wish so much that we had a privacy fence! Maybe someday :) Looks like a fabulous weekend! Hand me downs are the BEST! :)

  5. We love hand-me-downs, too! And princess dresses? How fun!

  6. that backyard seems like the type of place your girls will talk about and remember for forever. i have places like that with my sisters. precious memories you are creating with your girls :)


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