Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kids Activities: Dry Beans

Sometimes, despite perfect weather, the girls don't want to go outside. They'd rather be lazy and piddle around the house. I don't blame them. I like to be lazy too, but they still need some sunshine on their skin.

On days like this, I find a little activity for them to do outside that doesn't call for running and sliding and digging in the dirt...the stuff that they usually get into. This time, it was just quiet play.

Dry beans.
A few cups or bowls.
A table or blanket.

If you're wondering what Savannah has in her hands, well that's bubbles. This is her way of making sure Hope doesn't take it from her. The whole idea of sharing is a slow process. We're getting there though.
That's it!

Usually, they'll play with the beans for a while and move on to their rambunctious mannerisms and then come back to the beans. I like to sit back and watch them for a while before playing with them. It's neat to see their imaginations turn corners and round-a-bouts.

This is not only a fun little activity but it helps them with their motor skills, focus and concentration, creativity.  But overall, it's my sneaky little way to get them outside to burn some of the endless fountatin of energy they have flowing inside their little hams. Moma knows best!!! *wink*


  1. You always have such good, simple ideas of fun things to do with your girls!
    I have been a reader for a while now but finally started my own blog at I wanted to stop in and say hello! I am from Summerville but now live 3 hours away in Easley.
    Keep up the good work! Stop by and say hello if you get a chance!

  2. I'm definitely planning on letting the kids play with dry beans soon! I meant to last summer and then forgot all about it. Looks like you're girls really enjoy it!

    Where did you get all your outdoor toys for the girls? Craigslist? We have got to get some play things for them. We only have a Little Tykes car and swingset. I'm hoping to find some more stuff maybe at yardsales.

  3. So cute! We often spend so much money on fancy toys and they'd have just as much fun with beans! Love it!


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