Friday, February 17, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

...When skies are gray.

When it rains, you grab the blankets, make a mound of pillows, slip on slouchy socks and hide in the comfort of a soft and warm rainy day pallet with your Moma. 

 I woke up this morning with a headache. One that pulsated from left to right, darting to my eyes and down to my neck. Not a pleasant feeling, but the sound of my babies waking up so softly against the sound of the rain made it somewhat bearable. Where I can't stand the pain, I can't stand not being their muse and pulling them to explore what lies in that imagination of theirs. 

 So we crafted. Stick and glue. Simple. Sweet. Fun. Quiet.

We'll make sure to tell Daddy that the left over paper is snuggled nice and cozy like in the dark realms of his play boots. Where everything else belongs...don't you know?

Works of Art

They saw it, heard it, and stood amazed. I love watching their faces light up when they learn something new. They've never quite paid attention to it so much before, the rain that is. Today was different. 

They stood there while I sat and admired their innocence. I cry inside because I know how much I love them and how I will never be able to fully express the extent of that love to them. 

Sort of like the love between the Lord and his children. He tells them everyday, yet they still don't fully grasp the greatness of it. Today we will snuggle and find comfort in the arms of each other all the while I'll pray that they feel my love for them (every mothers heart wish). We'll giggle at the shows and read our new bible. We'll even sit and color another valentine for Daddy. The rain will continue to fall in sync with the temperature. We'll stay warm and wait for the sun to come out tomorrow. 

...and so will Bella.  Cheers! 

I ask you today say a prayer. While I can't really say details, I have a dear friend that is in a rough place. She's in need of lifting up. Please pray for her and for peace to settle in her heart. As always friends, I'm grateful for you and the friendship you bring to my life.
God bless!

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  1. I remember when I could sit and stare out the window at the rain for hours. . .the raindrops looked just like little butterflies bouncing across the pavement. . .and the smell of freshly wet warm asphalt is still one of my favorites!


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