Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Lists and Early Risers

My Moma called me the other day, or maybe that was last week...anyhoo, she was asking for my birthday list. Something she's done since I've been old enough to create lists. Maybe that's why I'm such a list maker. I counted the days this morning...20 days on the count down. I'll be 28 this year. Yay?!
I've got big plans... can you sense my sarcasm? *smile*

What does a girl do when her Moma asks her to do something? She obeys her of course.  I went on Etsy and looked around. Peeked back into my favorites and even some new shops. So here's what I gave her:

Click HERE to see my list on Etsy.

Early to Rise
I was up early this morning.

Too early, even for the birds. I should have been asleep but my mind decided to crank itself up before I had the opportunity to raise my hand in discontent. So, here I am. Awake.  The sun's up now, and so are my girlies. I love their morning chit chat. Cows, doggies, and whatever else rolls off the tips of their tongues.


The hubs left us yesterday for a routine trip.

A check up on his chest to make sure everything is looking like it should. He'll be on the road soon headed back to join us in our Thursday routines...not that we really have any. We miss him when he's gone. The couch gets lonely and my bed feels oh a bit too large without him in it. If the girls would actually lay down and go to sleep, I'd let them lay with me. But our bed equals party time for them. It always has and always will be...which it should. We'll welcome him home with open arms and excitement gone wild and a nice warm bowl of that good ole' mac n cheese and tell him about our doings and what-nots while he was gone.

I think we'll have a simple meal today.

Macaroni and cheese. Tried and true classic. A warm dish for our lone-traveler. Our family recipe qualifies to be as delicious as the old blue box...much better for you though. As much as mac n cheese can be, right? Click HERE for the recipe. I may even toss in some ham to spice things up. We'll see.


I think we've done it, names that is. From left to right...ready?
Clover, Lola, and Penny.

Pretty cute, huh?

They are getting their feathers in now and are almost old enough to go outside. I can't wait until we have their chicken coop built for them.

Outside will be such a new experience to exciting! Fresh dirt, warm sunshine, blades of grass. bugs. They'll never want to go back.

"A mind that is stretched 
by a new experience
can never go back 
to its old dimensions."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

We bring them inside to talk to and play with. The girls love them but are a little rough with them right now. Their little faces become so full of excitement when I mention "chicks," makes my heart swell to see them so happy. 


I'm off to bake. Homemade pitas for today's delight. I can't wait for lunch!


  1. Okay, I'll buy you everything on your list! Hee, hee. I would if I could, my friend.

    Glad Hubby is home (or almost). Everything is better when Daddy is home. And, I'm happy that the chickies have names now. Although, you could have always named them Kentucky, Fried and Chicken.

  2. I am a list-maker too :) I already have my birthday list started and it's not til the end of April, ha ha!!! Glad your husband is back today, and hope all went well with his check-up.


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