Friday, March 16, 2012

Dusting up a Storm

Do you see this fancy tool?
One of my old socks.

So old the heels are now a pale violet instead of bright purple. Very sad, I know. Well, they may be worn out but they are still in perfect condition to entertain my two rug rats. With a snap of my finger, we turned these old rags into the funnest dusting pets you've ever met. 

The girls jumped right on in on the fun and wiped away all the dust they could see. We danced, we sang, we acted insanely silly and weird like...but we had fun!

In case you're wondering, the socks' voices are high pitched and extremely squeaky like. I'm not sure how they ended up that way, but when you have two Littles like mine running the show, anything is possible.

Savannah was so into her little task that she even dusted my suitcases and even the wall.

Yep! The wall. There she is, dancing down the hall, sock on hand, dusting away!

There will be a day that they dread the idea of cleaning and pair it with anything but fun...
but for now...

We're having a ball!!!!


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