Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Monday!

This is how I felt last night when I went to bed. Exhausted.
We had such a busy bee type weekend, but yet the only thing I feel like we accomplished was eating.
Poor cow and dog, I think they feel the same.

Mondays. They're a fresh start. A do-over, per say. An invitation to a week full of what-come-what may. This Monday, today, my cousin will welcome her baby boy to her life. What a great way to start a week, huh? She'll hold him for the first time and realize the amount of love she once thought she had for a life so precious is greater than she ever imagined. I pray that she has a smooth delivery and that God watches over her and her sweet baby boy. 


The weather was  "just good enough" to hang outside. An in between for jackets. If we stood in the sun long enough, you could swing a moment or two without one. We didn't do anything major. No big plans. We just hung out and enjoyed being home.

The chicken coop came as promised and we put that up in a jiffy. No pictures of course...but I do tell you it was thoroughly enjoyed by both chicks and girlies. They're not big enough to stay out in it full time yet, but they'll get some time each day till they're ready, to stretch their legs. 

Friday night, around 5:30 or so, we drove into town and walked around Home Depot's garden department. One of our favorite stores, and the girls' too! We bought some things for our weekend doings. A little yard work was done with our treats from the store. In the front of the house; roses and lilies this year. 
Our goal: low maintenance 

Oh! My girls. They have learned how to pick on each other so well. Everything is deserving of a river of tears, according to Hope. Savannah knows the bar she has to reach in order to accomplish such drama. I wish, at times, she didn't. I sit back and smile. It reminds me Savannah is just like my Bub.

It's not too soon after that she toughens up and fights back. She can be a fighter when she really wants to be.

Am I the only one, please tell me no, that had their bottom kicked big time by the time change? 
I had no clue. Honestly. I know it's sad. It has messed me up so bad. The girls' aren't adjusting either. Poor Hope cried till 11:30 last night because..well...I don't know. Mike and I took turns going in and rocking her. The slight creak of the door was the trigger to her sound off. I held her tight and rocked her. Needless to say, I'm exhausted. 

Dear Lord,

When will I ever catch up on sleep?


We grilled this weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, man! I love grilling and beautiful weather and sunny days, and sweet tea, and girlish giggles, and bouncy curls, and poppers. Mmm..mmm...poppers!!!
A new popper tray meant we had to have 'em! 
SOOOO incredibly mouth watering....even at 6:45 in the morning. That good! 
Oh, and shrimp too! So good!

We signed up for a new adventure this weekend. About 9 miles from the house is a hunting-fishing camp on about 6,000 acres. 
Ponds, woods, fish, deer, exploring. 
We're so excited. This summer is going to be so much fun. The husband is girls are going to have a blast and the husband is we are so excited! Did I already say that?  
Last night before I drifted off to sleep, I swear I heard "Polaris Side by Side." My husband is always up to no good...for real. 

For lunch yesterday, I made this Taco Casserole I pinned last week. It was really yummy and so quick to throw together. I highly recommend it and so do my girls. Can you see her cheeks? Full of food.

We're always so sad to see Mondays come around. Weekends are our time to shine and be extremely silly as a family. This weekend, we really hit the nail on the head. We rocked to our silly tunes and played away...

will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and will glorify Your name forever. Psalm 86:12 

Hello Monday! 
I'm ready! 

Hit me with your best shot!

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  1. Busy bee weekend, indeed! Where did you get the popper tray? I'm thinkin' it's a must have for a Father's Day gift. Paco LOVES poppers. Or, we could just come to your house. It would just be easier that way. ;)

    Home Depot {sigh} I could just live there. Your future-son-in-laws are going to love that your girls are so intimately acquainted with that store.


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