Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mid-Week Rambles

** I feel like sewing. The great ideas I've saved for later on my Sewing Board are now calling my name.

** I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts. Sad, I know. But this year is goign to crazy busy so I feel a head start...even this soon...will keep my head above the water. I've been pinning some great ideas for small, yet meaningful gifts.  
                                                                          Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

I really like this idea and can't wait to get to work on it. I know two little nieces that will absolutely love this. 

** I signed up to volunteer at our church's VBS in June. I think I'm going to be the lead teacher....boy howdy am I nervous!!! I haven't taught kids in forrrr-eeeverrr!!!! 
The theme is Amazing Wonders. 
Anyone else's church using that them this year?

** Some delicious soft and ewy gooey chocolate chip cookies...Mmm...mmm! I made them on Tuesday. The hubby took a bowl to work and came back empty handed. Yay!!! Breakfast anyone??

** This  is the craft I'll be doing next week with the Littles. We're going to try it out and hopefully it all goes well. 

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

**  Something I made for a lucky quite sure who yet. Original plans have been changed so this may be up for grabs soon. Anyone interested?? *wink* 

** Our growing chickas...not quite beautiful yet, but on the right path. They are such sweeties and love the girls. 

**  Someone had some minor scrapes and bruises this week. Nothing some Moma loving can't fix...and a hair bow distraction to boot. This summer has already been declared as the summer of scraped knees. They move their little bodies so much faster than their feet can patter. I guess I better get my first aid kit stocked up huh? Maybe one for the house and one for the car for ouchies that happen at the park. 

** An unexpected craving...egg salad. It was good people. SO GOOD!!!! I don't really have a recipe but if you'd like to know how, I'll tell you. Similar to making potato salad. The girls even liked it, which is crazy weird being that they don't like eggs right now for some awful unknown reason to Me. Oh well.

** I love these little signs . I'm thinking our chicken coop needs a sign for it just for kicks and giggles. Check out the shop, it's adorable!!!

** And how cute is this bag. I really like it!  It would make a cute farmer's market bag. 

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

Ok, I'm done. 
Enough rambling for today. Have a beautiful day and I'll see you later!


  1. Hey sweet friend!! Love the hair bow! super cute! So glad you loved your egg salad!!!! :) looks so yummy :) love you!!

  2. Ok:
    1. I'll take one of those adorable spring dresses in my size please. Oh, wait. You need to know what size I am? Um...
    2. I'm planning Christmas already, too! Is it a curse or a blessing to be such a planner? Who knows?
    3. Egg salad, oh yum. Chocolate chip cookies, double yum.
    4. Adorable lamb, chickens, market bag and sweet little girl with the owie.
    I think that about does it.
    The End.

  3. Kristen, Wow! did you make those sheets? And dresses for your girls? You are so talented :) And you made me hungery! Have a great weekend friend.


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