Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mud Puddlin'

Sunday was a good day. It was an awesome day in fact. We went to church, stopped by the grocery store, and ate some yummy leftovers for lunch. It was great up until a heavy 3 hour down pour.

After a few hours of the rain the girls thought it best to use what the good Lord hath provided them...

 Mud puddles 

Honest to goodness FUN FUN FUN!!!!

There are days that are amazingly good and then there are those that I feel just can't get any worse. Days that just overwhelm me and suck me into a pool of...well...blah-ness. Days that feel like I'm barely crawling through. But then there are those good days, like Sunday. 

You see, just like the rain came and went, so will these hard days.  The tantrums at supper will fade, the mine stage will soon pass, and trips out and about will ease. We just have to be patient and let the rain pass.

After the rain, what we were left with was pure goodness and joy. My girls, oh they splashed and jumped and splashed and jumped. They watched their boots disappear deep into the mud over and over. 

They chased each other around trying to splash one another...

...until I heard the loud one followed by Hope's infamous, "uh-oh!"  I knew it was bound to happen. I couldn't stop laughing and Savannah wasn't to enthused at first until she realized that the mud was now inside of her boots which makes a completely different noise. 

They, so easily, forgot about being stuck inside for so long. They forgot that just 30 minutes prior, they were bored out of their minds. All because they saw the good in a puddle of water that their Moma said yes to.

Parenting is hard. Point blank. It's also the most rewarding thing you'll ever be a part of. So soak up the goodness and mark down the good and let the bad wash down the drain with all the mud from some fun.

Another 20 minutes or so of this craziness....

My girlies...I love you so!

Now we get to make a trip to Home Depot to buy dirt to fill up the nice hole in the yard. The things we do for our Littles. 


  1. Good Morning Kristen Sweetie...
    Oh my goodness what a fun time you all had. I remember splish splashing with my kiddos when they were little as well. Yep we even had a few of those sit downs in the puddle as well. Those are the BEST times, the memories that we make as we move along the paths of life. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing sweetie. Nothing like seeing the girls at play. Brings back memories for me. Love their little golashes as well. Have a beautiful day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Hee, hee! They're so adorable! I love the looks on their faces when they're playing in the mud and getting all dirty. I'm afraid that if it would have been my kids I would have let them play but then buried my face so I wouldn't have to see the muddiness all over them.

    And then the bathtub scene... hilarious! They truly are adorable. Good job, Moma!

  3. They looked like they had a ball! Memories you will cherish forever.

  4. SO precious.... You'll never regret letting them get dirty and make a hole in the yard! Precious memories!


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