Friday, March 23, 2012

Washing Cars

Let me just warn you. You're about to face a long line of adorable pictures starring two of the most energetic cuties within the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Don't blame me if you're left in awe. 

Now, I may be bias since they are my own little cuties, but hey! I'm one proud Moma and they are definitely cute. So, please continue...

Washing Cars

Daddy got home early on this particular day. The high was almost up to 80 degrees and we were ready to get outside to play. Daddy decided to wash the cars and since it was so warm, we let the girls pitch in and have some much needed fun. 

Savannah started by dusting off the truck. Yep, no water yet. Can you tell she was excited?!? 
And Hope was helping her Daddy drag the hose around to reach the truck. 

They each had a little lesson on using the hose. Of course they couldn't do it themselves, but they thought they were and their faces lit up like stars. 

I couldn't help but laugh when it was Hope's turn. She had the cutest expression on her face. The mist was flying back in her face and she wasn't too sure of it.

They helped their Daddy get things ready. 
Wash rags...check!

Let's get started! 
I gave them each their own rag in which both ended up on the ground. They were more interested in pouring the water out of the buckets to wet their feet. Needless to say, we had to refill the bucket 5-6 times. 
Well worth it though. 

They did such a a good job at washing....

Savannah thought she could fill up her wash pan with drops from the hose. She followed her Daddy around until he helped her fill it up. She kept saying, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" 

After the truck was nice and sparkly, it was time for snack and a cup of cold water. Something that's necessary for two hard workers. 

I told Savannah to stand still for a picture. Can you believe she did. She was so proud of herself. 

We stayed outside for a while after. They each went their own ways. Hope after the soap suds and Savannah after the sidewalk chalk. 

Washing the truck is definitely easier when you can just get to it and be done with it all. But it's obviously more fun when you have two little helpers to make it more enjoyable.  I am also aware that to others (those besides family to be exact) may look at these and think, "OK, they washed the car." To me, however, I was so proud of my girls.  They shared with each other, helped their Daddy, listened to directions, and had a blast all together. They're just growing so fast. 

It was purely special. 
This is one of the days that I'll tuck in my heart and  look back at down the road when they're all grown up.


  1. Oh. My. Stinkin'. Gosh. How do stand all their adorable-ness? They look so proud of themselves!

  2. So sweet! They are getting so big!


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