Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh, The Weekend

I enjoy visits like this weekend. 

When family comes in and floods our house with so much love that we have to sometimes come up for air the love is so thick. Its a special time that we aren't granted very often yet we take full advantage of when we are. 

We take are 2-3 days and pack them full of as much fun as we possibly can. It's a must when time is of the essence.  

We try it all because we can. The girls don't miss a beat either. They pick up those feet and move their hips to that busy dance as if they are pros. 

We did a local venue while Ma maw was here. Bee City is almost right down the road. So close it's practically in our backyard. A petite little attraction perfect for future summer adventures with my Littles.

They had the most beautiful chickens which got the girls so excited. I think they were their favorite.

We love it when family is here. It allows us the opportunity to create those particular special memories that we couldn't quite do without them. The girls take advantage of her being here to show off their mad skills at whatever it is that crosses their mind at the moment because that's what they live in...the moment. And we take their lead and live it out by doing things we wouldn't usually do.

We eat out more than we should. We stay up to watch a new flick. We run around the house like crazy princesses should never do.  And act as if we haven't got a care in the world. Because that's what we do when Mommaw is here. 

Having Mommaw here is good for me too. It gives me a chance to step back and refocus. To gather my thoughts and think about the weeks and months that lay ahead of me. This year is going to be full, so very full, so I'm taking advantage of her time here. 

 She's doing the same. Tending to her babies and playing with them endlessly. They're in heaven I tell ya. Pure heaven, but she is too. I pray each day that there will be a time we'll have the luxury of family near by. And while we are grateful, so very grateful for the cards we've been dealt, we try and keep ourselves grounded as we continue praying and asking for that dream that we know deep in our hearts may not be in our deck of cards. For now, we'll graciously accept our weekends so full of laughter. We'll take them and soak up all they have to offer and look back on their excitement when we feel the need to recharge.   


  1. The girls look so happy :) I ESPECIALLY love the look on both their faces looking at the little aligator... priceless. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Oh those girls of yours are just so adorable!
    what a perfect weekend :)

  3. Those chickens WERE beautiful!! Love it when a visit is packed with priceless moments...jewels to carry around and remember the lovely time.

  4. Family visits are the BEST. Both of our grandmas live far away, and don't get to visit too often, so we treasure moments like these as well too! Thanks for linking up!

  5. We had our BeBe here this week too...what a joy and a blessing to have family visit! So glad you had this special time together!

  6. I lvoe when family visits too - it is so great to be surrounded my more people to love and that love you.

  7. This post just blesses me so much. Living long distance from my grandbabies, I always appreciate seeing family time like this :) so sweet!


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