Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cranky Days

You can tell spring is here. Buds are popping up  outside the windows, birds are making nests in the most unusual of places.  With the wind whipping itself in and out of the tree branches, we find peace huddled inside. 

 Suites my needs for the day. I feel tired and cranky. Not my usual self. I really, in all goodness, want to crawl back into my bed to hide away from the responsibility of the day. But, I know that the deep breathes right across the room are soon to beckon my call and I remind myself of how swiftly they'll fade.

SO take note, I'm taking part in the story of our book of memories. Forging through this mess of emotional downfall and pressing onward to story time and the mini adventures of potato painting.

Because as much as I desire and enjoy being alone, especially a day like today, I want nothing more than to be right beside them watching shapes appear on the paper, to talk about lions, tigers, and bears and to embrace every drop of motherhood that I've been blessed with.

Books & Shoes
The book section is one of our favorite places to land. A little treat for them after walking around for things I need. They point and tell me about each one. They flip the pages in search for their favorite.

They remind me of myself. I love going to looking through the books. I get lost in the collections of words just as they do with the pictures. It's our far off land that offers a break from the norm and brings a little bit of sunshine to our day.

I find it quite humorous, however, they always ask for the same books. Always. I guess a favorite is a favorite no matter the age, huh?

While walking around the store, I saw an adorable pair of summer shoes.

 I tried them on and fell in love. I was 100% sure about them. That was until I got home and browsed other options. Should have known.



I know some houses don't dance, but in this house we do. We do so to have fun, to let go of some stress, to boost our moods, and just to liven up the day. Here's how we groove. (Totally ignore the fact that I'm a complete nerd that can't dance. I move to make my girls smile and laugh, that's it)

And just like that, the day turns itself around and my frown is no longer down because that's what dancing does to this lady. Cheers!


  1. Dance parties are the best!!! That song rocks for dancing to - we get up and move when it comes on too!!! And yes - we go a bit crazy here, dancing, and it's the best!!!

  2. Yay for dancing! :) Can't believe how fast your girls (and my Lily) are growing up!


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