Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Bits and Pieces

This past week and weekend was a little bit of a hodge-podge of activities and events. The girls kept us busy and vice versa.   We went to a play date on Friday and hunted for eggs with a fellow Littles. The girls caught on pretty quick and ended up coming home with a whole lotta eggs and candy. Too much sugar for this lady. They had a blast though, and that's what matters. Sorry the pictures are so blurry...I forgot my camera so the phone was my last resort.

With Easter on it's way, I dug out some craft supplies and let them go at it. They made a little lamb for me to hang by the fireplace. They totally surprised me by how well they glued the cotton balls to the paper. Totally shocked!! 

It was fun and the end results look adorable hanging up on a special bday present I got last week from a sweet and lovely friend. Oh and don't you just love their poses. They were super proud! I think Hope would have kept stuffing as many cotton balls on that poor lamb if I would have let her. She was on a roll!

We took advantage of the extra time the weekend brought us by sorting through some new clothes we got from such dear friend.  Lot's of spring and summer dresses to share plus a load of other pieces. We are always so grateful for pass downs..they help lighten the financial burden and always allow for dress-up opportunities...of course!

The rest of the weekend was spent outside enjoying the amazing spring weather. 
We soaked up lot's of sun.
The Littles jumped their day away.
We played with the chickens.
Went to the farmers market.
Had homemade milkshakes...MM..mmm!!
Talked about the trees.
Sang songs, loudly. *smile*
Laughed it up.
Chased each other around the yard.
And just enjoyed the time we had. 

Our Easter was simple.
It was calm and relaxed.
No hustle and bustle.
No loud and boisterous happenings.
Just a quiet afternoon spent together.

We thank you Lord for sending your Son to die on the cross for our sins. 
We thank you for sacrificing your own to save ours. 
Your love is solid.
Your love is never-ending.
Your love will never fail us.
It is for you that we have the amazing life we live today.

Happy Easter dear friends!

Grace Laced Mondays


  1. Easter was super simple for us this year as well. I love the chicken wire in a frame. Such a cute idea. Have a lovely day!

  2. So sweet! Your new camera is taking some simply amazing pics! Love those new clothes and the new memo board. You must have a really, really nice friend. (hee, hee!) I have a super nice friend who sent my kiddos Easter goodies (which totally made their day) and me lovely b-day gifts that I've been nibbling on. ;)

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend just enjoying your girls and the wonderful Easter holiday. Hugs!


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