Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rice Play

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. The girls weren't in the best of moods sadly enough, so I thought that the fresh air and a bit of rice play would help clear out their crankiness. 
It was a success. 

We've done rice play before and I lost my pictures which made me extremely sad because they were hilarious! But, no sense crying over spilled milk, right?

The girls love this activity. They love the feeling of the rice on their hands. They liked when I buried my hands under the rice and made them magically appear. Talk about silly giggles. It was so funny!They enjoy scooping it up and pouring it out with  lots of repetition. I had a lot of servings of rice, ya know. It was so Mmm...mmm yummy ! *wink* I think that was my favorite part...joining in on their imaginative play. 

I think, though, their favorite thing to do was sprinkle the rice on the blanket, on their legs, on their feet, on Moma, and anything else that was close enough to the dogs. *smile* Last time we did this without the blanket and ended up with little  mounds of rice in the yard. Daddy wasn't too thrilled, so the blanket was used this time and made for easy and quick clean up.

The rice also made this really unique sound when it hit the sides of the tub. They were intrigued enough to keep on and on in attempt to hear that sound. I was impressed. 

However, I wasn't sure why they insisted on trying to get into the tub. They tried sitting in it, putting their heads in it, dipping their feet in it...let's just say that a lesson in listening and discipline were also worked on during this rice play. Silly girls!

I like activities like this. They're quiet at times and loud at others, but they come packed with unexpected moments of ooh and awh and melt-my-heart types of memories. I love the way that this type of play works their little minds and lets their creativity shine through. 
So fun!


  1. They are so darn cute. I want to hug them :) Please give them both hugs from us.

  2. We did rice play yesterday too!! So fun! Love the pictures!


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