Friday, April 13, 2012

Some Thoughts...

Very random thoughts indeed....

     --- Yesterday we made a family trip to the grocery store. A random event I must say, but it was eventful. The hubby saw something on the rack and started drooling and begged to bring it home. It was a meal helper and quite new, but yummy. Kraft's' new Fresh Take. Worth trying. (I'm not being paid to talk about it, just thought you'd like to know.)

--- I love when I finally remember what it was I was trying so hard to tell someone a few days back. It's like a revelation. Angels sing and I no longer feel as...forgetful. The only fall back is forgetting who it was I was trying so hard to tell. It's a lose lose situation I tell ya.

--- Watermelon, people! First one of the year. Sweet as sugar and devoured in less than five. No joke!!

--- Back in the day, I always enjoyed staying with my Grandmother and Granddaddy. We always watched the oldest and most classic movies. Did you ever watch the movie The Trip to Bountiful ? I loved it then and love it now. Just thought I'd share that tidbit of info with ya.

--- I made the girls some paper dolls. What a hit! Nothing fancy. Just a set of shirts, pants, shoes, and what-nots. SO far they're loving them.

--- I went through almost 700 emails this morning. Lot's of deleting. Do you get a lot of nonsense email? That's what I get for couponing ...Ha!

--- I love subscribe and save for diapers on Amazon. Saves so much time.

--- I am crazy over these cutesie sandals. The girls' little chubby feet would be so precious tucked inside these little lovelies. Don't you think? Salt Water Sandals...adorable. If only the wallet would agree. *sigh*
--- I wake up every morning with the most crazy hair do. I'm usually teasing Hope when she wakes up because she always has hair all over. I ask her what crazy hair stylist did she visit in her dreams. I'm starting to ask myself the same question.

--- I'm thinking the Strawberry patch tomorrow. I'm wanting some and it'll be fun for the girls.

--- Can you believe it's already almost mid-April. And the weather is amazing! I'm loving it!

--- Not that it really matters, but I've cut back my coffee. One cup a day. Like an 8oz cup. I'm proud!

--- I think this quilt is absolutely precious! It's so cheerful and springy.

--- Ok, I think that's it. Off to start the day!

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  1. I love that quilt!! :)
    Btw, I was seriously addicted to paper dolls when I was younger. . .especially when I got good enough in art to create their own clothes!!


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