Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Big Girl Week

This week has been overwhelming to say the least. Three out of the 4 nights I cooked, my suppers went to pots. I've spilled things, broken things, bought stuff at the store and left it there, and  haven't slept the greatest. I'm pooped!!!! 

However, I am overwhelmed with pride this week. While we're struggling in some other areas, the balance of it all is working out great. 

I am proud to announce that this is Day 6 of Big Girl beds for the girls. They have done so well with them. I really am having a hard time believing it. I have never seen two babies that enjoy going to bed as much as my girls do and now having easy access makes it even better. 

This was definitely a planned transition. The hubs and I talked about it and I had to prep their room. I moved things to higher ground and put other stuff away. I also gathered some quiet time necessities. Activities and a basket of books for them to go through so that if one wakes before the other it isn't a big deal. I can hear them wake up each time and I think that short moment is my favorite part... just listening to them. They sit in their room just playing and talking. They read books to each other and carry on until their ready to come out...which is signaled by the door knob rattling and "MOMA!!" It's an amazing thing to listen to your daughters connect in a way that only they understand. Twin language...hmmm.

We also made the switch to Big Girl cups this week. They picked them out at the grocery store...I knew they'd pick the cows. *smile* I'll admit I was nervous. Sippy cups have been on my naughty list since they made their way into our house. Our carpet looks like it's polka dot because of all the dribbles. So imagining the girls using cups really had be all up in knots. However, they've impressed me with how well they listen to me while using them. Hope goes to the extreme when I say go slow...she goes suuuuper slow even to the extent of putting the cup back on the table. Cracks me up!!! 

They know that they come to me now to ask for a drink which also gives us more opportunities to use our "Please" and "Thank You's." That's always a plus.

Savannah is very proud of her Big Girl cup. Hope didn't care for her picture to be taken, but she's equally proud.

Our next Big Girl adventure this week is Potty Training. 
We start today!!! I've got all the necessary goods and we're going for it!

Big Girl undies and night time pull ups are ready for action. 

Potty chairs are in place. Clean up supplies are gathered and prepped. Towels are stacked. Moma is mentally ready (HA!!!) They even picked out their own special soap and treats. 

Now for the fun to begin. I may be M.I.A. for a couple of days or so...bare with me. This is going to be a crazy ride!!!


  1. So glad the transitions have been going well! Hope potty training is easy for them too!

  2. Wow! This is inspiring. We tried PT our girls prior to the birth of the new baby and it just didn't pan out so now we are gearing up to try again. We are moving in less than 2 months so we are waiting until we are settled to give it another go. I think getting them trained before the new baby arrives will be so helpful for you. I wish I could have made that happen. We will also be transitioning to big beds when we move so this gives me hope! I am very worried about how it will go, but perhaps I will be surprised. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We transistioned to a big girl bed on her birthday in Jan. We made a big deal and got a great deal on a dora bed, I made dora sheets and pillow case and we got a dora blanket. The first night it didn't go so well, but I left the crib up just in case. The next day we did naps in the bed and she has been sleeping there ever since. I can't seem to get the potty training thing to happen. I hope it goes well for you and you can share some tips :)


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