Monday, May 14, 2012

One Crazy Ride

When someone says "How was your weekend?" I can honestly answer them with one word...


Not a bad crazy, but an awesome crazy. With potty training not going so well, we decided to get out of the house and escape to what calms our souls and lightens the air. The true peace and quiet of no where. 

That's right. We loaded up and went back to our favorite spot for an afternoon getaway. The girls got their first lesson at fishing and became masters within minutes. 

These are the moments. When there's nothing around to distract them from what your heart is trying to show them. Where their world becomes so infused with simplicity at it's finest. It's a focus that only moments like this can bubble up. 

My heart was full after this trip.
Lessons were taught.
Moments were shared.
Tears were shed.
It was a crazy ride!

I watched my family wrap themselves up in what matters the most...each other. 
I also saw that my husband is still the goofball I married. I'm so GLAD!!


For this Moma, it was exactly what I needed. 

On Sunday, we got back to business. That was after we made a sporadic decision to go get breakfast. Let me just say that our lofty decision wasn't as bad as it could have been. We tried Cracker Barrel, 2 I-hops, and Waffle House. We ended up pulling into Sonic which wasn't that bad given the fact that their breakfast burritos are the BEST!!!!! So, after driving around town and feeling like failures we got home and ate breakfast only to realize exactly how much fun our unsuccessful Crazy tour around town was. The girls were  in great moods and talked the entire time. 

We had more fun eating at home anyways. 

Reminder for us next year: 
If you want breakfast on Mother's Day...GET UP EARLIER!!!!!

The rest of my Mother's Day was spent relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. Crazy I know! 
It gave me ample time to watch my girls and remember all the moments I've spent with these beauties of the  past 2 years...

See what God gives you when you're His. Mounds of joyous moments and blessings overflowing with grace. What would I be today if it weren't for these gifts? While being their Moma has presented itself with plenty of challenges and walls to climb, I always find myself landing safely on the other side with smiles and a grateful heart because of all they've taught me along the way. 
My girls are my life. 
They are my heartbeat. 
They are what keep me going. 

It's been a crazy ride, but one I'd hop on over and over again!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Looks like you had a wonderful day with your sweet family!

  2. Seriously, so precious. We often have crazy weekends (and days and weeks, ha ha...) too, but they are so good. GOD is so good :) How are you feeling lately? Praying for you guys as you continue the potty-training adventure - I can say for myself that for us, it has been one of the biggest discouragements, as it has not gone well yet, BUT I am trusting that in time, it'll happen - now, I just need to find motivation to keep at it ;)

  3. Aw, so sweet. What a lovely weekend for you. And is that a wee little baby bump I spy with my little eye?

  4. What a gorgeous family. We also got away to the country for a bit. I truly believe that the country is the only thing that calms me. Makes me realize what is truly important. There is nothing better. The pictures of your little girl fishing ... ahh. Melts my heart.

    Oh and was that a tiny tree frog??


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