Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Breakfast Burrito

A totally kid tested-Moma approved type of breakfast. 
I'm fully aware that breakfast burritos are nothing new to the list of breakfast meals. They've always been a favorite of mine and even to this day, I love to start my day off with this yummy dish. In fact, I made some the other day and ended up having to make 2 more for my girls. They kept asking for bites of mine; so more was a must. I'm thrilled they've learned to love them like I did. They're so easy and quick. 
Here's the method to my madness....

2 tortilla shells (the extra small size)
1 egg broken and seasoned with S&P
shredded cheese

Sprinkle the cheese on the shells

Cut the ham up really small for their little mouths.

In a pan, melt the butter and add the egg and ham. Scramble until the eggs are nice and fluffy.

Divide the egg mixture between the tortilla shells and roll 'em up!

The girls usually eat every last drop. Sometimes I make one and split it between them so they can have some yogurt or fruit. It all depends what I have on hand. 

Are breakfast burritos a staple in your house? Do you add anything special to spiff yours up? I'm curious!


  1. Mmm. Breakfast burritos! We love them too! Sometimes, if I'm feeling crazy, I'll add diced tomatoes or diced avocado or salsa inside...although the kiddos don't really go for the salsa all the time :) Or if I have some fresh cilantro - although that really doesn't sit well with the kids...what is this green stuff, mama?! Ha!

  2. Love reading the Blog. Great pictures. Love the little baby belly. You look Great.

  3. Yum! I've never really tried this with the girls. Going to give it a whirl - I am always looking for new ideas! Thanks!! Hope you and baby are feeling well. You look so cute!


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