Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Rainy Day Doings

Pitter-patter of rain drops on the roof. A nice and cozy feeling for a Moma in need of some catchin' up...a recipe for disaster for two crazy girls.  They were literally balls of energy on fire for some movement and fun. Thus the reason we had full intentions on heading to the beach early in the morning to soak up some sun and build sandcastles of all sorts and burn off that energy. But, ya know, those pesky rainy day interventions intervened as usual. Of course, it didn't rain all day and the skies cleared enough to get outside but not enough to make way to the sandy shore. So, we escaped the confines of our house and headed to town for some smaller sized adventures.


The parks on base beckoned our presence and we answered with shrills of excitement from our two Littles.
Boy did we play.  

We had such a great time at the park that we all worked up a big appetite so we headed for some grub at a new favorite spot...Steel City Pizza. The girls had a blast and we enjoyed watching them goof around and be silly almost as much. Pizza, salad, sweet tea....Mmmm...mmm!!!!


Baby said hello to me this weekend. A nice little flipperoo and the flutters were constant. 
A nice little gift to say, "Moma, everything's OK in here." 
Why thank you sweet baby of mine! 

I'm 16 weeks pregnant already and go Wednesday for my next doctor visit. Everything is going great. I'm not feeling the greatest, but that's part of the job, huh? It'll pass and good things will definitely prevail. *smile*


And speaking of my babies. Here are my other two sitting in their favorite spot. Not only do we sit and read, but we talk to the baby and ask how it's doing and feeling. 

 Oh, can you imagine their faces when he or she is finally here? It's going to be special. Only 4 more weeks till we learn what it'll be. Then we can start working on some names and the nursery fun can begin. Stinks that we'll lose the playroom, but the girls' will manage. 

Our non-beach day turned out to be pretty much perfect. The girls even managed to ditch nap time and plunge full force into the next chapter of their day. It's a nice feeling to fall into bed with a smile and realize that it's been there all day...seriously...all day. I haven't laughed or smiled like this in quite some time. 
How was your weekend? 


  1. Oh look at you, and your cute pregnant belly!!! So excited for you guys! And I am loving the new header!

  2. This post was full of such joy that I want to comment on all of it! I'll try to keep it short (like I could really do that).
    1. The baby's moving! Woohoo! It always brings such peace to a moma's heart. It's always good to know it's just not gas. (hee, hee)
    2. Cutest little baby bump. What was the comparison of this pregnancy at 16 wks to the twins at 16 wks? Were you so much huger - totally just made up that word. Can you tell?
    3. Pizza? No wonder you need the Tums, my girl. Sometimes it's just plain worth it, yes?
    4. New chair? {sigh} Heavenly.
    5. Lovin' the new header. It just shouts "Kristen" to me. Well done!

    That's not really all (of course) but I'll stop for now. Looks like a practically perfect weekend!

  3. Love the new blog design! Also love the baby bump picture - you look adorable! So glad you had a good weekend!!


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