Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As One

This was my view this weekend.
The pond. Open sky. Peace and quiet. Time with the family.

I like it when we get away for the day. We pack our bag with some goodies and drinks, a couple of chairs, and our fishing poles and off we go. We wander to our favorite spot and saturate ourselves in it's glory.

Out here there are lessons to be learned and taught they are. Lessons that only an atmosphere like this provides. Patience and discipline surface in new ways and the bond I prayed for long before they were born becomes more and more evident.

Time passes by more slowly out here. Before we realize it, supper time has come and gone and we're still not ready to go home. We find ourselves getting caught up in the peace of what surrounds us. Laughter with an old friend that has just returned home from a deployment just as silly as the day he left.

The catch of the day that sets a new record for us pond folk big and small. A wish for one big enough to hang on the wall one day...off you go little fella. I'll catch you when you're bigger.

Eventually we realize we have to leave and return to the house for the closing of a wonderful getaway. So off we go back down the road to reality in the happiest spirits of course!

A delayed supper fills our belly and leads into bath time that reveals the splendor of the day with sunshine stamped on our shoulders and new freckles on our noses. We cuddle up together for one last moment and find comfort in the joy that we are learning to "be" as a family as we had hoped for all along and enjoy the company for what we are....ONE.


I love hearing from friends. Tell me what you think..God bless!

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14