Friday, June 8, 2012

Stationary Thoughts

As I sat here this morning recooperating from the past two days, I find myself not able to really hone in on purpose for a post. It's happened to me many-a-times in the past leaving me with something completely random and nonsense of nature. My mind just simply escapes me for while and I'm left with an empty thought box that offers no substance. However, I feel as if there is something that is trying to wiggle it's way out so I'll type on.

Wednesday was crazy. Eventful to say the least. A sick Moma. Busy girls bursting with energy and creativity. Doctor's office here...then there...left with no real answer.

It was a happy busy day.
Rainy. All day rainy.
Cheerful though.

Doctors orders are for me to rest as much as possible. A big chance, some sort of possibilty that I've pulled something in my lower back which is causing muscle spasms that feel like contractions. Not the best feeling and very limiting where energy is involved. So, I sat all day and I'm still sitting. Only to get up for the must know chocolate, sweet tea, bananas and peanut butter...Oh...and anything that involves my children or potty breaks *smile*

After a conversation with a dear friend yesterday, I was inspired to whip up a treat for my ladies before heading to my comfy restriction zone. Let's just say, she was right about this yummy!!! Go here to find it!!!! Mine, unfortunately, did not turn out as pretty, but I'm used to this turn out when baking. My breads never rise like they should or brown like they're supposed to...but they're always still pretty yummy. Don't believe me? Well just look.... better not be laughing right now!!!

Anyhoo...that was supper last night for the girls and I. Savannah called the raisins bugs and gave them to Hope to eat. Hope says, "Mmm.mmm! Bugs!" and laughs. Always makes me smile. 

This what the past two days have looked like...

reading materila

line 'em up!

Pinterest time 

makes my house smell yummy

my assigned seat *smile*

Well, I guess that's all for now since I've rattled on about nothing really. If you need me, I'll be in my chair. Have a blessed Friday!!!


  1. I've been praying for you and wondering how you are doing. Hope you feel much better soon!! ((hugs))

  2. Hope you're able to rest and feel better soon!

  3. I hope whatever is going on, gets resolved!!! Praying for some good rest! How is potty-training going??

  4. Just so you know, I only laughed because it was so purdy! Glad you liked it. That Pioneer Woman really knows her stuff, right? I'm about to post that recipe on the recipe blog - haven't been over there in a while. I think I'll see spider webs and hear crickets.

    Glad you're obeying dr's and hubby's orders and staying put. This baby needs a healthy moma!

  5. I hope you are hanging in there and that everything turns out OK. I am totally relate to where you are at -- wanting to protect that new baby, but having two other babies to take care of. And, I think your bread looks yummy! :)

  6. i'm reading calm my anxious heart. sooo good!


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