Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just a Few Things

This week has already been challenging. The girls' came down with a cold and have been down for the past couple of days. We went this morning to see the doctor and he proved my thought right...Hope has an ear infection. So thanks to the sickies, this is what's going on here...

lot's of sleep

diaper days

and lot's of cuddles with Moma 
(even while she's soaking her feet) 

The word sit is repeated quite often in our house. While you'd think that it would more than likely be directed to the toddlers stirring things up, its in all actuality directed towards me.

Doctor says sit
Husband says sit
Moma says sit
MIL says sit
Even a new friend says sit.

The only ones directing me other wise are the two littles saying...Moma UP! :-)
Its a hard word to accept when I feel so overwhelmed with things needing to be done and sick babies to hold and tend to, but it's something I'm dealing with and working through. So today's little nap time project was worked on all while sitting my little tush on the floor and enjoying some pandora radio. 

Would you like a peek?

That's it. Just a peek. I'll share the rest of it later when it's all said and done. For now, I'm going to go prop my feet up. They're starting to look like elephant feet and that's not so lovely. So, off I go. Enjoy the day...Cheers!


  1. oooh I hope everyone is back to feeling better soon!!!

    Cutest crafty project, love it:)

  2. Oh how I wish we lived closer! I would love to be able to help you. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Summer colds are no fun!

    Cute project! can't wait to see it all finished :)

  3. And blogging friends from the other side of the country say "sit" too, young lady!

    Prayin' for the sickies and can't wait to see the projects all done.



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